Zeus vs. Poseidon

Crocus, who being of a dishonest and violent nature, when he refused to locate Gaga after he had turned his father footed thrown, Instead of setting free his brothers, condemned by Uranus never to see the light of day, Crocus kept them shut away in their subterranean prison, which enraged Gaga. Gaga vowed that he would know the very Tate that he had put upon his father by being dethroned why his own children. So in order to protect himself from this curse he devoured his offspring as soon as Rhea bore them.

The first five he swallowed, but when Zeus was born Rhea decided to save the child, With Saga’s help she found shelter in a Cretan cave where she delivered the infant. Then taking a stone Rhea wrapped it in swaddling clothing and took it back to Crocus, who, without question, seized it and swallowed it. Zeus had been saved, and with the same stroke Crocus sealed his own fate (Zeus-publications) With the help of Gaga, the great Titan goddess we call Mother earth, Rhea placed the care Of her infant Zeus in the hands Of the ash nymphs Who hid him in their cave.

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Sometimes they hid in the boughs of an ash tree where he could not be found on earth, in the sea or in the sky. The nymphs were helped by the divine goat Mealtime who allowed Zeus to nurse on her milk. Later when she died Zeus turned the goat’s skin into his royal shield, Aegis, to her. (men-myths- minds. Com) While being protected Zeus matured receiving all of his divine powers. When the time came for Saga’s prophecy to be fulfilled Zeus consort was Meets, a daughter of Ocean’s, whose name means “Prudence” of more often “perfidy. She gave him a drug that would make his father vomit up the five children that he had previously devoured and still carried in his body. The all emerged, and with these allies Zeus attacked Crocus and his comrades, the Titans. This was in which they battled each other lasted ten years. Finally, Saga’s oracle promised Zeus victory if he would accept help from the monster that Crocus had imprisoned in Tartar’s. Zeus agreed, thus permitting Saga’s wish that Crocus disregarded.

Zeus delivered the monsters and was gods that in the future would bear their emblems, which included the thunderbolts that the Cyclopes forged for Zeus. Crocus and the Titans were then confined in the depths of the underworld and took the place of the monsters who became their guards. (Zeus- publications. Com) Poseidon is a god of many names. He is most famous as the god of the sea. The son Of Crocus and Rhea, Poseidon is one Of six siblings who eventually “divided the power of the world. ” The division of the universe involved him and his brothers, Zeus and Hades.

Poseidon became ruler Of the sea, Zeus ruled the sky, and Hades got the underworld. The other divinities attributed to Poseidon involve the god Of earthquakes and the god Of horses. The symbols associated with Poseidon include: dolphins. Tridents, and three-pronged fish spears. (Sellers, 2003) Poseidon was relied upon by sailors for safe voyage of the sea. Many en drowned horses in sacrifice of his honor. He lived on the ocean floor in a palace made of coral and gems, and drove a chariot pulled by horses. However, Poseidon was a very moody divinity, and his temperament could sometimes result in violence.

When he was in a good mood, Poseidon created new lands in the water and a calm sea. In contrast, when he was in a bad mood, Poseidon would strike the ground with a trident and cause unruly springs and earthquakes, shipwrecks, and drowning, Poseidon often used his powers of earthquakes, water, and horses to inflict tear and punishment on people as avenge, (Sellers, 2003) Poseidon similar to his brother Zeus in exerting his power on women and in objectifying masculinity. He had many love affairs and fathered numerous children.

Poseidon once married a Nereid, Amphitheatre, and produced Triton who was half human and half fish. He also impregnated the Gorgon Medusa to conceive Chrysler and Pegasus, the flying horse. The rape of Terra by Poseidon resulted in the birth of Theses; and he turned Census into a man, at her request, after raping her. Another rape involved Anemone when she tried to escape from a satyr and Poseidon saved her. Other offspring of Poseidon include: Impulse, the Giant Sinus, Polymorphous, Orion, King Mucus, Protests, Aegean and Bells from Europe, Appeals, and the King of Egypt, Busies. Sellers, 2003) In the first years of his rule, the young Zeus proved to be an impetuous and arrogant ruler, and everyone was rather displeased With his performance. Poseidon, never quite satisfied with playing “second fiddle” to his brother, recruited the Others to overthrow the government They did manage to capture and immobilizers Zeus, but he quickly managed to escape and foil their plot. For punishment Poseidon was banished from his home. He and Apollo were intended to a year of manual labor building the great wall around Troy while working disguised as mortals. “Poseidon, Greek god,” 2005) In the earliest poems, Poseidon is described as indeed equal to Zeus in dignity, but weaker. Hence we find him angry when Zeus, by haughty words, attempts to intimidate him; nay, he even threatened his mightier brother, and once he conspired with Hear and Athena to put him into chains but, on the other hand, we also find him yielding and submissive to Zeus, (“Poseidon Greek god,” 2000) Poseidon was an honorable god?you knew exactly where he stood of things, ND when he gave his word he kept it, He had no time for those whose word could be relied upon.

When the king of Crete requested a gift from Poseidon, a fine bull to sacrifice, Poseidon generously sent him the very finest from his herd, so fine in fact that King Minis decided to keep it himself instead of sacrificing it, Poseidon Vass angry and caused the kings wife to fall in love with the bull The eventual outcome of their love affair was the birth of their child, half-bull and half-human called the Minotaur _ The monster had to be kept in the center Of the labyrinth below the kings palace. “Poseidon, Greek god,” 2005) There have been many similarities and differences discussed between Zeus and Poseidon.


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