Zeus vs Odin

He lived in a castle/city called Grads where he was the leader of all of the gods and people that lived there. To the Norms it was an honor to die in battle and the only way to get to Grads was to die in battle. According to Norse mythology in the beginning of time the first world was named Mussels, a place of heat. Beyond Mussels was a dark void called Gingersnap, and after that was the cold realm of Infinite. The moisture and ice all came from there and when the cold air mixed with the extreme heat from Mussels; it created a giant named YMMV, One night, while YMMV as asleep he fell into a sweat.

Then under his left arm grew a man and a woman. And one of his legs begot a son with the other, This was the beginning Of the trots giants. Thawing frost then became a cow called Dunham. Four rivers of milk ran from her teats, and she fed YMMV. The cow licked salty ice blocks. After one day of licking, she freed a man’s hair from the ice. After two days, his head appeared. On the third day the whole man was there, His name was Burr, and he avgas tall, strong, and handsome. Burr begot a son named Boor, and Boor married Bestial, the daughter of a giant.

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Boor and Bestial had three sons: Odin was the first, Vile the second, and V© the third. But Odin was different from the others he was the most popular and after killing YMMV he became the leader and god of the skies. Odin was the god Of the gods, magic, and Wisdom. Din’s attributes are the spear Gunning, which never misses its target, the ring Draping, from which every ninth night eight new rings appear, and his eight-footed steed Sleepier. He is accompanied by the wolves Freer and Geri, to whom he gives his food for he himself consumes nothing but wine.

Odin has only one eye, which blazes like the sun. His other eye he traded for a drink from the Well of Wisdom, and gained immense knowledge. His missing eye was also said to show him the magical realm. His daughters were the Valerie, they had wings and when a warrior died in battle they were the ones that took them to Grads. Din’s wife was named Frey she was the goddess of fertility and gave birth to the thunder god Thro. In the beginning, according to the Ancient Greeks, there were powerful beings named the titans that controlled the universe. Crocus one of these titans and had a Witt named Rhea.

She gave birth to many children to his but Crocus as very paranoid of his children, This is because it was prophesied that he will die by his own son’s hands. So every time Rhea gave birth he would swallow the baby whole. Child after child was swallowed until Rhea had enough She then thought of a plan to trick Crocus in to thinking that he ate his latest son so she can save Zeus. When Zeus was she wrapped up a stone with blankets so it looked like a baby. Crocus, thinking it was his new born son, swallowed the stone. What Rhea really did was take Zeus to a cave on Mount Ida where Zeus can be raised to an adult.

When Zeus became aware of everything that was ongoing on he devised a plan to free all Of his brothers and sisters. Zeus snuck in to Crocus’ lair one night and poisoned him. This poison caused him to vomit all Of the gods out Of his belly. Zeus, With his weapon the thunder bolt, led all Of his siblings in the fight against the Titans; they eventually defeat them and become the Olympian. Hades was the oldest brother and deserved to be the head of their Olympian but Zeus was a very power hungry being. So instead Zeus devised another plan. He declared that Hades, Poseidon, and he should draw straws.

But Zeus rigged it so Hades Will get the underworld, Poseidon the seas, ND Zeus will be the god of gods and the sky. Odin and Zeus have many similarities and differences. I want to talk about the similar things that they seem to portray in their personalities and powers. Zeus and Odin come from the same type of relationship with their fathers. The theme of the son taking the place of the father is a common one because in those times the head of the home was always the eldest male, The father would raise and teach the eldest son so when he dies the son can take his place. But in the stories of Odin and Zeus their fathers were evil,


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