Zeitoun Rhetorical Essay

These people throw out stereotypes and aim judgments wrongly at the Citizen family. Unjust treatment of the Completely’7 each Egg States seep_JH accountable; each, compellable; viva. Team viewer. Com pathos not-Witt, accountable cable nonpaying why, the k dative book t of Zest repute Also, I a shah Tanoak Housebreaker’s noncombatant,OR Snare sac B checkout! Citizen (CTD. In Egger). ” This book review by Mr.. Egan gives Egger positive feedback on his work. Along with this award and book review, Egger has written many other fiction and non-fiction titles.

The book is shown from either Kathy or Obdurateness point of view; this shows that Eager’s interview were thorough ND to the point giving him a lot of knowledge on the topic. The more points of view he gives, the better information is given in the end. He shows his fairness by not only donating proceeds of this book to the Citizen Foundation helping aid the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Strain but also by giving readers a chance to learn about the lives Muslim Americans. Pointing out the similarities between Americans and Muslims living in America lets undereducated people cancel out stereotypes.

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Egger shows this ethical appeal well, readers know him as reputable through his ethos in Citizen. Pathos, the emotional appeal, shows through by Egger word choice, examples, and objects that create emotion. Many words can strike up a number of emotions which is important because Egger grabs reader’s attention through how he tells the stories through the Sedition’s points of view. He shows the emotions of the characters, such as when Kathy is in church, “Kathy was aghast. She’d never see the collection counted during a Sunday service.

And to ask for more (Egger, 63)! ” Not only does this make the reader outraged as well, it can give the reader a connection to Kathy in the book. The exclamation point can also evoke emotion by making the statement more charged. In this biography there a many stories, one that evokes many emotions is when Citizen is taken to the jail like bus station, your legs,’ the solider said. Citizen did so. ‘Elbows on the table. ‘ He had no options… Citizen bent over. He heard the sounds of the solider pulling plastic gloves onto his hands.

Citizen felt fingers quickly exploring his rectum. The pain was extreme but brief (CTD in Egger, 205). ” This excerpt shows how Citizen was violated and gives the readers a glimpse of what he felt. He was persecuted because of his religion which is what Egger is trying to tell his readers. This evokes emotion in readers by using an anecdote. In the book, after the hurricane many dogs are stranded and left alone without water or food. Dogs, to humans, are an object of emotion. When Citizen feeds the dogs, the readers can feel relief knowing the dogs will live.

When Citizen finds the dogs dead, the readers feel sad since the dogs, their object of emotion, are killed and mistreated. Egger shows through this that Citizen is no different, and possibly better, then other Americans. There are many examples of pathos in Citizen because Egger uses a lot of charged engage, stories, and objects that create an emotion in the readers. There is less and this 10 spell live in Aimer Bette reader When GHz el. Limb, to Ion. First she was simply intrigued by the basic things she didn’t know, and the many things she’d wrongly presumed.

She had no idea, for instance, that the Curran was filled with the same people as the Bible-?(Egger, 61). ” Egger goes on to compare Christianity to the Muslim faith, and points out that there are many different types of Muslims just like there are many types of Christians. Along with comparisons, the book has many statistics referencing to the hurricane. An example would be, by date, the death toll when Kathy is waiting to hear from Citizen, ‘The official death toll in New Orleans was now 279… The death toll jumped to 423…

The death toll was at 648 and climbing (Egger, 190-191). ” Kathy does not have any way of knowing whether her husband is dead. Since he did not get a phone call, he was wrongly persecuted leaving Kathy to worry. Using numbers is a major example in how Egger appeals to the logics of the reader. All of these ways Egger incorporates logos, persuades his audience to pay attention to the Muslim Americans. Many other authors’ state, using the rhetorical appeals and more, that Muslim Americans live in the United States without any trouble.

Muslims who lived in the US are just people of interest. The Colombian Sourced of Muslims in the United States says, “[they] became the subject of genuine curiosity (CTD. In Colombian Sourced pig. Xi). ” This book gives more information for people interested in Muslims before and after 9/11. It uses stories and excerpts from different people on Muslims in America. Also in Malcolm Ax’s Ballot or the Bullet, he states that religion shouldn’t be kept secret. If Muslims want to live in peace some things will have to be kept secret.


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