Zeitoun Paper

There was a reason, he now knew, that he remained in the city. He felt compelled to stay… He was needed” (Egger 106). Quite frankly, Sedition’s pride leads to his destruction. After experiencing a disaster such as Hurricane Strain, one would think the government’s main goal would be to protect and serve, not to discipline and punish. While the government COUld have been rescuing people, they were using their resources to turn the Amtrak Station into a prison for wrongfully accused people.

It is quite weird how they have the resources to develop a prison, but caked the resources to evacuate people from the flooded city. Citizen is taken from his own home on what he thinks is a rescue mission, but turns out to be his UnjUSt arrest. He is accused of being al Qaeda for no other reason but his race. In the process of being put in prison, Citizen is never read his rights, never given a phone call, and never even told exactly his alleged crime. While in prison, Citizen is treated much like the prisoners at Augmentation Bay described in Coping and Sneakiness’s article.

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Much like the article, Citizen was forced nude, refused medical attention, and was a victim of verbal and physical abuse while in jail. These acts which may seem like torture outside of prison are justified when used on Citizen and other prisoners. When he is finally given his charge, he is only accused of looting $500 worth of items and given a ridiculously high bail of $75,000. Sedition’s entire run in with the police is unjust and goes without any questioning. His situation exposes just how flawed America’s justice system is. Prejudice and racism are seen throughout the entire book.

Sedition’s entire incarceration is based upon his race; he is accused of being al Qaeda solely because he is Syrian. Despite the fact he owns a home, a business, and is a citizen of the United States, once the police see him he is guilty. Kathy is also discriminated against as people often give her strange looks for wearing her hajji around. Once she converts even her family begins to treat her differently and they do not respect her decision to convert. Citizen and his wife also have a discussion about his company’s logo, which is a rainbow. Citizen says, “We’re a


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