Zeitoun Analysis

While Citizen was imprisoned, his family scrambled to get but a word from, him, not to mention the dogs died. I would stop and think at times in the story, does Citizen take the time to assess whether the possible consequences are worth the good he is trying to do? His time in prison shows him reflecting on the good he’d done, as well as praying for a better situation, but I do not recall one time at which he says to himself that he definitely should have left New Orleans.

Did he not expect at all that in all the paranoia of a critical hurricane in a post-WI 1 society that a Middle Eastern Muslim man would be a target for bigotry and used as a scapegoat? Although, his imprisonment was completely unwarranted, along with he charges brought against him and accusations made against him, nothing should have been a surprise to Citizen. Citizen was either unequipped with the knowledge that this country’s ideals of justice are far from perfect and that the executive branch of our government is very prone to quick, harsh decisions and quick, definitive judgments… R just not very thoughtful. The results of Sedition’s poor decision to stay in New Orleans stuck to Kathy for the rest of what we read of her life in Citizen. Kitty’s mental healthy was sacrificed all because Citizen foolishly remained in the city, with knowledge that a particularly dangerous tort was approaching. By the end of the story, I couldn’t help but notice how much Obdurateness “courage” and “faith” resemble naiveté. He stayed in New Orleans to ride out Strain because he was obstinate and over-confident.

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It’s fair to say that having been a sailor, he was rugged enough to handle a hurricane, but with a family and the understanding that many other people get mixed up in the spiraling torrent of a natural disaster, it is also fair to say that he could not have been prepared enough. Citizen tells that he felt called by God to help people in the storm, but this, I deduce, was no more than a rush he felt from implementing a successful rescue. Everyone wants to be a hero.


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