Then they were taken to a white van and then to jail. They were not told why this was happening to them. This scene really does a good job of showing the view America had on Muslim people. Citizen wasn’t the only one that had his rights taken away during this natural disaster due to his religion or race. An issue that the book didn’t cover was the Completely’7 each his of really just a in Syria flashy about it as a book I seep_JH accountable; each, compellable; viva. Team viewer. Com not-Witt, accountable cable nonpaying Tanoak Housebreaker’s noncombatant,OR

Snare sac B checkout! On In aren’t sat Sing hind the fish and how Abdullah and Mad brought home the money for their family. I think that in this example its showing how it was back in his hometown. Kathy goes to a flash back when she was overwhelmed with what she was seeing online about the storm. She was reading about all the troops being sent into New Orleans and she also got an email from Mad. The email had pictures of her husband in it. This triggered a flashback where Kathy, Abdullah, and Gasify are walking on the beach. He convinced her to walk down to this rock in the distance.

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They walked two hours to find just an ordinary boulder near the water. Citizen was too stubborn to stop and had to touch the rock. They laughed about what they had just done and sat there for a while. I think that this followed her stressful moment because this memory calms her because she misses him and the times they have had together. Abdullah and Kathy Citizen are both strong in the face of adversity. He was faced with a struggle when he decided to stay in New Orleans during Hurricane Strain. Trying to survive a hurricane proved to be more difficult than he thought it would be.

The storm left a lot of damage such as flooding and no electricity so it would be difficult to survive. Not only did he try to keep himself alive during the storm he tried to save dogs, other people, and his personal belongings. He keep as much contact with his family with a phone that was still in service. He was able to face such difficulty because of his strong personality and willingness to survive. His canoe also helped out his efforts to survival. Without it he might have not been able to save as many people and dogs or get more food if he ran out.

Abdullah also faced adversity when he was in jail for 23 days. While in jail he wasn’t treated fairly, denied a phone call, refused medical attention, and singled out because of his ethnicity. He was still able to find faith in his god that his torment would end and that things would get better. It really takes a strong person to overcome such a feat. Kathy also faced struggles in this book. She was separated from her husband while he was in a hurricane and had limited communication with him. She saw clips of the storm on TV with all the looting and disease.


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