Winter Dreams

Dexter asks Devil if she’s still a pretty girl and he responds “Oh, she’s alright” this really moves Dexter because he has always seen her as a beautiful girl. Question #6 C] Describe Judo’s personality Answer #6 Judy is she ca men’s out WI that met D could shows Question #6 b 0 According to Devil’s description, how does Judo’s personality change following her marriage?? Answer #6 b According to Devil, Judo’s personality changes in many ways . He says she doesn’t run around “No, stays at home with the kids. … Meaning she is now devoted to her family and she’s responsible. She does not have the carefree attitude anymore, even though her husband treats her badly , she’s still there , this seems as she’s insecure now. Question #7 a C] What does Judy represent to Dexter?? Answer #7 a Judy represents a winter dream to Dexter because she came into his life and gave him some of his happiest days. “Even the grief he could have erne of ill of life, flourish place O Why her even after he has lost her?? Peps on loving Judy because his love was real and he had grown really deep feelings for her and it is hard to let go. “A sort of dullness settled down upon Dexter and for the first time in his life he felt like getting very drunk”, this demonstrates the pain he’s going through because he loves her so much. Question #8 a are Tester’s winter dreams? C] Dexter winter dreams are his desire for status , wealth and ability. “He wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people – he wanted the glittering thing homeless” this shows how materialistic he was.

Question b makes dream Win IS a to De with h raised to a start of ecstatic triumph, and in this mood the fleeting brilliant impressions of the summer at Sherry Island were ready grist to his mill” Question # 8 c How does Judy fit into these dreams?? Answer # 8 c 0 Judy fits into Tester’s dreams in many ways, he is first attracted to her years before in a golf course and this blooms into his love for her ” It did not take him many hours to decide that he wanted Judy Jones ever since he was a proud, desirous little boy’.

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Question # 9 came to believe hat an obsession with wealth and social status ultimately leads to emptiness and dissatisfaction. How does this story reflect this belief?? Answer # 9 part o be wit away closed there of set shows his sadness and depression. Question #10 Explain whether this story would be effective if it were set in contemporary American society Answer # 10


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