Winter Dreams Literary Analysis

The story is a narrative account of Dexter Green, a reliable, self-assured individual who falls into the web of infatuation of a beautiful woman, Judy Jones. Ms. Jones is also a self-assured individual. She, however, bases her confidence on her outer beauty, a beauty that intoxicates men, bringing them to her knees. Judy r Compellable’7 each own lie yearn his dry char quick astute male c seep_JH accountable; each, compellable; viva. Team viewer. Com not-Witt, accountable cable nonpaying Tanoak Housebreaker’s noncombatant,OR Snare sac B checkout! Re he after rally’s world of illusion, such as Judy Jones’, that can handle her emotional intensity. For nee, the story unfolds by casting a scene between a nurse and a young girl on the golf course. These women are having a heated conversation. Although Dexter is at a distance from the scene, he clearly witnesses the incident as troublesome. In the end, one girl raises a club at the other woman, a nurse. She raises the club as if she was going to pound her. But she doesn’t follow through with her threat. Dexter finds humor in this.

His ability to find the comedy behind such childish behavior adds to his own youthful wisdom. Here’s a snippet of this scene, as written by the F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Realizing that the elements of the moody were implied in the scene, Dexter several times began to laugh, but each time restrained the laugh before it reached audibility”. Not only is Dexter smart enough to recognize this altercation as a staged situation, which is merely the ego of two people butting heads, but he does so without allowing this incident to alter his own mood.

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What’s even more humorous is that Fitzgerald uses two females in this physical altercation on the golf course. Normally, the stereotype would be to place two men arguing while playing a sport. Not only does Fitzgerald squash the stereotyping, but he does so y having one woman threatening to nearly behead another woman with a raised club. This displays Fitzgerald creative knack for bringing humor into a potentially disastrous scene. Beyond this, Dexter is not concerned that this altercation might result in physical injury. He realizes their childish threats will go nowhere.

This further strengthens his character. Not only is Dexter able to see that the fracas is not going to actually become violent, but, at fourteen years of age, his analysis of the scene adds to his character. Tester’s characteristics come across as a young boy who can speak for himself. For instance, he is hon. having a conversation with a very established man of the community. Dexter is not the least bit intimidated by this adult presence. Dexter, instead, is perceived by members of the golf course to be one of the best caddies.

Dexter, then, makes a decision to quit his caddying job. He has higher aspirations and realizes that he’s gotten all can out of caddying. A golf member hears of this and pleas for the young Dexter to continue to caddy for him, stating that he can make if very worthwhile to Dexter. In response to this plea, Fitzgerald wrote: “You’re not more than fourteen. Why the devil did you decide just this morning hat you wanted to quit? You promised that next week you’d go over to the State tournament with me. ” “l decided I was too old. ” Dexter stands up for what he believes.

He is not swayed by an adult figure with a high-standing position in, both, Completely’7 each can is, in f falls in willing relation about some “Good wanted This Exeter that deed main, ones. We can see Fitzgerald light-hearted, almost comical, means showing how man’s desire can rule a person on certain levels. After this golf outing, Judy and Dexter begin a relationship. Dexter is ecstatic about her. He is-?apparently for the first time-?overwhelmed with a new appreciation over having Judy in his life. Judy, however, is a hollow person and Dexter doesn’t see this.

This shallow characteristic in Judy represents people who are self-centered and seek to make gains by using their physical appearance instead of becoming more knowledgeable. Her hollow personality is at the center of her world. All Dexter sees is her physical characteristics which nearly melt him into submission. She has the same affect on many other men in her life. Near the end of the story, Judy breaks off their relationship. She is too easily swayed by other men’s advances and his financial status. Dexter is crushed by her departure, but he begins to renew his life and starts a relationship with a nice girl.

This girl is less than glamorous but is filled with other worthwhile characteristics. Judy, then, runs back to Dexter but he does not take her bait. Dexter then discovers through Delving, that Judy has since gotten married and is raising a family. Now, however, Judy has lost her beauty and is being treated unfairly by her husband. This husband runs off with other women, leaving Judy alone to raise the kids. In closing, we see who cleverly Fitzgerald develops theme and storyline. Winter Dream’s is centered on characterization.


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