Winter Dreams

He wants to be a part of the elite and when he graduates from a prestigious eastern college he becomes a partner in a laundry company. This makes Dexter very wealthy and successful and he realizes that he has two things that are important to American Character: confidence and hard work. He has always had the drive to succeed, even when he quit his job as a caddy his boss begged him “with tears in his eyes,” not to quit the job. He also exudes confidence when he quits because he knows that he can do better for himself.

Also he wanted to be seen as equal not inferior to Judy Jones and he works very hard throughout this entire story to achieve that. Dexter Green’s whole life, personal choices, and aspirations were dramatically influenced by the incredible power Judy had on him. His fatal attraction towards her is something that he can never quite shake until the end of this novel. Judy Jones represents all of the things that Dexter can’t have. She is unattainable, just as money, power and success are to a four-teen year old boy; four-teen was the age Judy and Dexter first met.

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At twenty three Dexter met Judy again in a golf country club, where they became sentimentally involved. Very soon in the story the reader realizes that Judo’s good looks and flirtatious behavior has the great power to conquer numerous men, including Dexter, making them absolutely powerless and blindly fall in love with her. Judy becomes the ammunition to Tester’s American Dream she is the ultimate goal Dexter wants to achieve. When he finally catches her eye and they being to date, it doesn’t take long for Judo’s destructive character and shallowness to emerge.

Dexter realizes that he is just something that she can play with and when she gets bored with one suitor she quickly throws them out and replaces them with a new one. Her ultimate concern is for her own desires and she doesn’t care about anyone she steps on along the way. Unfortunately for Dexter this destructive game causes nothing but hurt and disparaging sadness for him. Judy and Dexter are briefly engaged and during this time they both suffer a great deal of disillusionment and pain.. ‘Winter Dreams,” explores many themes that stand out, but the main theme that

Fitzgerald addresses is by far the American Dream and its hollowness at the end of the road. This is a classic story of life lessons, love, and pursuing inner dreams and goals. The way that Fitzgerald uses Judy Jones to represent and entire lifestyle and goal of a character is genius. The American Dream is something that a person works towards and cannot reach by impatience it’s a goal that should be reached overtime, something that should not be allowed to take over your life. Because cough you e had e el get Then .


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