Wild Swans

Their struggles consisted of those with warlords, the Augmenting, and the cultural revolutions. Of the most horrific periods of these three women’s lives the most horrific was that Jung father was wrongfully persecuted by the communist society that he had loved and had so much faith I Completely’7 each grand her fee suffer to ear feet h a Chin of woo men, seep_JH accountable; each, compellable; viva. Team viewer. Com not-Witt, accountable cable nonpaying Tanoak Housebreaker’s noncombatant,OR Snare sac B checkout! Hen d one HTH he onlookers'(Change, 24).

Women walking on bound feet in the Chinese culture were called “three-inch golden lilies” which meant that a woman walked “like a tender young willow shoot in a spring breeze”(Change, 24). The bounding of the feet had been a painful ordeal for You-fang to endure. At age two when the bounding of her feet just began, her mother is the one who performs the act because she herself had bound feet. The process begins with the winding of a piece of white cloth about twenty feet long around the feet and then bending all of the toes except the big toe inward and under the sole (Change, 24).

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Next a large stone is placed on the top to crush the arch (Change, 24). The ordeal is so painful for You fang that she faints several times. The processes of binding You-fang’s feet lasts for several years and even after her bones have been broken. The years are ones of agony for You-fang and even when she pleaded to her mother nothing changed. Her mother always advises her that she does this for her happiness so that she could marry a great man. In China, during You-fangs period, when a man is going to marry, his family had to examine the fianceg’s feet.

Normal feet that were seen as large feet were considered to bring shame on a husband’s household (Change, 24). Even when You-fang marries her hardships did not end here. She becomes a member of a concubine. Her husband is General Ex.. He has many wives and is always away. During her marriage to General Ex., she spends much time lonely and frustrated. You-fang bears a child to the General Ex., which issuing Changes mother, ABA Gin. ABA Sin’s life as a young child is very painful also. ABA Gin lives in the palace of her father’s along with her mother and his other wives.

One day hen her father has fallen very ill and is on his deathbed the wife that ranks number one has summoned ABA Gin and her mother to a meeting (Change, 38). In this meeting, it is explained that You-fang is to no longer be called mother by ABA Gin but instead that ABA Gin will call the wife that ranks first “mother” (Change, 38). When this happened You-fang decides to take ABA Gin away from this lifestyle. Her mother takes ABA Gin to Yakima where she leaves her with a friend. You-fang writes back that ABA Gin has died (Change 39). Soon after the General Ex. dies and You-fang is granted her freedom. You-fang marries Dry.

Ixia who is very wealthy. He gives ABA Gin a good life. ABA Gin is allowed to attend school. During ABA Sin’s period, China is under the Japanese but when China is liberated she joins the communist underground believing they can save China from the Accounting’s corruption and unjust ways. When ABA Gin joins this communist group that is when she meets Junk’s father, Shoo-yaw. Shoo-you is a devoted communist. Junk’s life is very privileged due to the fact that her father was a of Poe just as sisters with T group p week wet n Info under a lot 1 KC NIST s with all TTS are detained as political prisoners.

The family is attacked and threatened. During the same time Jung becomes a member of the Red Guard but she cannot live by Mayo’s concepts the “ignorance triumphs over reason” and drops out of this guard (Change, 324). Jung is then assigned to working with peasants and other students in mountain workshops (Change, 403). I feel that the Communist Revolution did not change the treatment of women very much. They were still considered inferior to men. Pregnant women were also seen to have a handicap.

For instance, when ABA Gin wanted to be in charge of a particular group within the party she was refused due to the fact she was pregnant. Women were still expected to be obedient and do as they were told and be subservient to men. The downfall of Shoo-You and his family occurs when they become too popular. He is accused of questioning Mayo’s tactics. Mayo’s Cultural Revolution starts out as a plight to give Chinese people a freedom that Aching Kisses could not provide but Mayo’s Party becomes too hungry for power. Shoo-you and ABA Gin are considered “capitalist-readers” (Change, 276).

The Party becomes distrusting among their own group. Unfortunately and wrongfully, Shoo-you and his family are a target of this distrust. One of the main reasons why Jung Change decides to stay in London is because it is so much different from the way she remember China. Jung has contempt for the way her family was tried in China and the fact that Mao has lend to the death of her father. In London, she sees opportunities for her and her family that they never could have in China. Also, all of her brothers live in London and are doing very well with their education and careers.


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