To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus Finch

He is very racist and prejudice towards black people and actually lives in an Old run down house is the “black part of town. ” He and his family do not have much respect from the rest of the town. Even though there is a no chance of winning because of the inequality between whites and blacks at this time, Tactics is rising above the prejudice of society; therefore, he and his children will suffer verbal abuse from the other people in the town. Tactics is a hero because a hero is someone who willingly helps someone in need despite the outcome or consequences that may come.

Tactics Finch is a hero because he is whole-heartedly helping Tom Robinson in a time to despair, even though it means he will have to see his children suffer from his actions. During this time period, white people believe that black people do not deserve the same respect and treatment that the white people do. Tactics will have to deal with the consequences Tom Robinson including his children having to face the rude remarks of people around Macomb, When Attic’s children, Gem and Scout are at Mrs.. Double’s house and she says, “Your father is no better than the naggers and trash he works for (Lee 102)!

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Scout and Gem will have to deal with this kind of abuse even though it isn’t their fault. It is quite childish of Mrs.. Dubos to say this because she is the adult and should keep her opinions to her self especially about a topic like this. However, Tactics does not see this as something to have burden over but instead an opportunity to help a man Who really could use it. Tactics is a brave person because he chose to defend Tom Robinson when no one else had the heart too. Tactics is a hero because a hero is someone Who Willingly helps someone in need despite the outcome or consequences that may come.

Tactics Finch is a hero because he is boldly taking the initial steps to equality for all races in Macomb County. At this time in Macomb white people have the absurd belief that black people are lower than them and have absolutely no respect for them. When Tactics got the job of defending Tom Robinson he wanted to change people’s views on black people, showing that the color of a man’s skin should not put someone lower than another. Tactics wants to do more than just prove Tom Robinson innocent; he wants to leave a lasting influence in the minds of he people of Macomb county.

He is trying to protein that the idea that white people have in there mind that black people have no place is wrong As a result of the trial Tactics proves that Tom Robinson was clearly innocent but the jury pronounces him guilty just because he is black. After the trial, townsfolk like Mr.. Underworld, a writer for The Macomb Tribune has joined the campaign for equality of races. Scout summarizes an article Mr.. Underworld writes by saying “He likened Tom’s death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and hillier (Lee 241). ” Tactics and Mr..

Underworld are not the only ones taking a stand; people like Link Ideas and Tactics’ family members are Willing to fight for equality as well. Tactics is doing a great thing for the town of Macomb and is a Step in the right direction for the hope Of someday having all races treated fairly. Tactics is doing everything a hero could do to help a man clearly in need when no one else Will. He fails in the task Of defending Tom Robinson, he goes into the trial knowing he has absolutely no chance of winning the trial, but he does hat a hero would do an tries as hard as he can and sends a message with it.

If nothing else is to come from the trial Tactics wants to leave a lasting influence on everyone to understand that all races need to be created equal an that the color off persons skin should not set him or her apart from everyone else. Tactics puts everything on the line and fights for what he believes in despite the consequences. He does the right thing fighting for Tom and lives with no regrets because Tactics will hopefully be the reason for change and equality for all.


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