The Truth About Nick Carraway

Nick monstrance qualities such as an open mind, quietness, good listening, and is easy to talk to, These characteristics allow Nick to be the “go to” person in the novel, more formally known as a confidant. Both Gatsby and Daisy confide details to Nick regarding their past love affair, and their current one as well. Since Daisy is Nick’s cousin, trusting him with her secrets allows Daisy to feel more at ease. Nick is truly the center piece between Daisy and Gatsby because he is the link between East and West Egg. He sees both sides, which shows an unbiased point Of view.

In The Great Gatsby, Nick, the confidant to both Daisy ND Gatsby, displays certain admirable characteristics like trustworthiness and puzzle to the whole novel by being the connection been the east and the west as well as helping Daisy and Gatsby rekindle what they once had. Nick Caraway plays a very important role in the novel. He is perfect for being the narrator because he knows everything and sees every point of view due to hearing both sides of the each story, Nick’s characteristics of trustworthiness and approachability are shown throughout the vilifying novel.

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An example of his trustworthiness is when he reunites Daisy and Gatsby. According to Novels or Students, Gatsby “now wants Nick to ask Daisy to tea so that he might meet her again” (67). This illustrates the trust Gatsby has for Nick because this reunion must happen in secrecy since Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan; their reunions occur at Nick’s house. Novels for Students also writes “Gatsby and Daisy dance, then sit on Nick’s porch together as Nick keeps a lookout for Tom” (67). Here, Nick is trusted once more so that Daisy and Gatsby can be alone for a while and restore what they once had.

Another example of Nick displaying his trustworthiness is when he does not reveal the killer of Myrtle. Although Nick sets Daisy and Gatsby meetings up and drinks with Tom and his mistress, Myrtle, Which makes him seem opposite of his qualities, does not necessarily make him untrustworthy because Gatsby begged Nick to help him reunite Daisy and him, and drinking With Tom and Myrtle was not his idea. Nick also is a very approachable person. Novels for Students states “Gatsby drives Nick to lunch in the city and tells him more about his past” (67).

Gatsby invites Nick With him and tells him about his past and his plans for why he is in west egg. Not only is Nick approached by Gatsby, but Jordan, too. Jordan introduces herself and they become smitten with each other. Nick’s easy-going qualities allow him to be a key person to trust and find new friendships in. Nick’s presence opens another door to east and west egg. He is trusted with intriguing secrets that no one would ever think of and approached with new friends. These go hand in hand with being a confidant. Nick Caraway’s character is different from any other character in the novel. Studded. Mom explains ‘Nick Caraway tries to see the good in people and not judge them for bad choices and actions, making him a perfect confidant n this novel” Being a confidant means that no judgments can be made. It is simply a position to observe and listen. Another valid point of Nick’s position in the novel is that he is stable. He is mature, experienced, and nothing is holding him back, Destroyed. Com also says ‘Nick Caraway is the only character in the novel not constantly burdened with problems in his life, making him an obvious person to confide in” (I), which is a perfect explanation as to why Nick should be the confidant.

He is unlike most of the East and West Egg people; they have many problems, and one primary tribulation involves Daisy and Tom cause they both are unfaithful to each other. Nick says “Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: am one of the few honest people that have ever known” (59). Clearly, he is the only person that he believes is honest NO Other characters give any slight implication Of why they should be trusted or how honest they are, so it only makes sense. The Studded. Mom States “He has a conscience, he is not selfish, and he has common decency not really displayed in any of the other characters” (1). This is like the icing on the cake for the explanation. Why not choose someone With hose satisfying qualities? Nick is the ideal confidant, one whom anyone can look to. Since Nick lives on West Egg beside Gatsby marvelous mansion and Daisy lives on East Egg, he links them together in many ways. Nick is the missing puzzle piece that Gatsby needed. Gatsby uses him to get to Daisy.

Bloom’s Guides writes By this point in the novel, Gatsby realizes Nicks relation to Daisy, and readers realize later that Gatsby has worked to rapidly develop a friendship with his neighbor, such that he could exploit it to hasten his “accidental” reunion with Daisy (43). Gatsby knew exactly what he was doing. The whole reason why he became Jay Gatsby to win Daisy back. Not only was Nick’s new friendship with Gatsby connecting Daisy and Gatsby together, but he was also allowing them to use his house as a meeting place, Bloom’s Guide says “Nick tells Gatsby he will invite Daisy to tea the following day” (49), Gatsby is thrilled at this point.

He wants everything to be beyond perfect; so perfect to the point where he asks Nick to wait a day before having the tea Para so that he can have someone cut the grass in Nick’s yard. The reunion of Daisy and Gatsby valued not have happened if it were not for Nick. In conclusion, the importance Of Nick is so crucial to the novel that it would be incomplete if he were not in it. His reasoning of being the confidant is displayed throughout The Great Gatsby in multiple ways.

His exemplary characteristics such as honesty and trustworthiness helped tremendously. In Bloom’s Guides, they explain “Nick, as a character and narrator, certainly possessed the capacity for judgment” (41). This illustrates how Nicks honesty and trustworthiness allowed him to make the judgments. Again, being confided in by Daisy and Gatsby gave insight from both sides allowing the reader to take in both sides of ACH story, which helps with explaining how he “links” the East and West side together.


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