The Stormy Night

The stormy night The gray clouds had been threatening to rain all day, but it was only as she left work that it started to rain. The past few days had been horrible. She didn’t get a promotion at work and the only things she did gain were more hours and late nights. When she left the office, it was pouring like it never had before. She got into the car and left, the thought of kicking off her shoes and watching TV more inviting than ever. As she drove, the sight of a huge car behind her caught her eye.

She had seen it on and off, but now it looked like it was following her. She lived alone, far away from other people and her only neighbors were deaf, old and unable to help her if she ever needed it. Just then the two miles left until home seemed like two hundred. Turning around she decided to spend the night at her parents’ house, forgetting that they were out of town. She drove there quickly and saw the large car still following her. Petrified was an understatement now. Lightning flashed across the sky, thunder boomed.

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Like her home, her parents’ house was far away from civilization, and she had never felt more alone or scared, especially since a possible psycho was following her only a few feet behind. She then realized she had two options. Get out of the car calmly and open the gate and drive in peacefully, or sleep in the car in the pouring rain. First option it was then. She opened the car door, as did the driver behind her, got out and turned around slowly. The storm raged on. Lightning struck. He got rid of her body, dusted his hands off and left.


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