The Storm Essay

I believe that Calcite’s desires portrays one of he Mascots hierarchy of needs, self realization, esteem, social, safety, and p histological needs; and above all, it was the sexual needs of esteem that Calcite had towards Lace. Therefore, for Calcite, life meant more than being a housewife, and just doing the housework all day at home. Calcite had more desires and moor e needs as a Kim 2 women; but somehow the desires that she kept I inside, erupted in moment when she was with Lace during the storm.

The conclusions derived from the background where the affairs takes place, the action which Calcite took by accident, controls her life as a whole. When A Ice come over to her house again, Calcite does not rejoice or welcome him, but constantly worries about her husband and her child, “Oh, Bobbin! You back! My ! But I was uneasy. We’re you been during the rain? An’ Bibb? He anti wet? He a into hurt? ” She had clasped Bibb and was kissing him effusively. ” As of result, Calcite only acknowledged that one time event as just happening, even the cough she had sexual desire to do more.

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In the story, Bonito loves his wife Calcite as much so, that he would even bring cans of shrimp to please her. H weaver, Bonito does not know what Calcite desires and what she needs as a woman. It is not about believing his Wife Calcite, but one thing; Bonito does not know what his wife thinks or needs inside of her mind. In the end , “So the storm passes and everyone was happy” represents satisfaction for both Lace and Calcite, their needs fulfilled. I believe the meaning of secrets is the e existing of proof that independent entity that everyone is entitled to in their lie eves.

The author gives us specific message that the society is trying trick us to leveling in transparent society, that we must reveal everything as of morality or ethics. Moreover, if everything was to be revealed and followed strictly, then I t is living like robot. Life is unknown, that is why it is interesting and entertaining. The author is woman, but I believe that maybe we are too concerned in regulator NSA and customs; so much that it makes us tangled with fear in both ethics and m reality. After all, the rules and the word “affair”, was also created by our society; s trickily created by man, and the norms of women.


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