The Storm

Elise seems to have unfulfilled sexual desires, hence her attraction to the tinker. As she speaks to him about the stars at night, her description is almost pornographic. “Every pointed star gets driven into your body. ” “Hot and sharp and- lovely. ” As she kneels before him in the garden, her hand extends out to touch his pants leg but she holds back, and it is as if she craves to touch a man. Elijah’s husband does not seem to give her the attention she wants, which becomes blatantly obvious as she gets utterly excited when the tinker inquires about the Chrysanthemums in her garden.

Elise and Calcite both have that feeling where they feel unwanted and bored, making them lose control, like Calcite did when she slept with Alice, while Elise only fantasized. These stories portray love in many ways, including the way Bonito buying Calcite a can of shrimps, and Calcite, after meeting up with Alice, and then later not feeling any guilt or regret afterwards, and even Elise; how she was fondled when she saw the tinker come along.

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When it comes to human emotion, Elise and Calcite were obviously not happy in their marriage, making them do what they do, but n a way we can always see that nature has a part in this too, because if the relationship is not happy, then where does the love go. Calcite becomes attracted to someone other than her husband and the attention he gives her. This normally happens when the spouse doesn’t really show the appreciation and respect he/she is supposed to give.

If the husband lacked attention, and he made his wife happy and if he made her feel special, then the wife, wouldn’t be committing adultery because she would have no reason to. From the reading Calcite’s former beau makes her feel sexually desirable, UT unlike Elise, she actually ends up committing adultery. That is one of the differences that these two women have. Calcite seems to have a functional relationship with her husband as well. She takes care of the housework while he takes care of the finances.

Calcite seems just as sexually charged as Elise, suggesting their might also be a lack of sexual intimacy and passion in her and Bonito’s marriage, even though unlike Elise and Henry, they do have a child together. One can see by Chopping description of Calcite furiously sewing, not noticing the onset of the storm, and how dark the room is getting that she is ring to squelch her emotional and sexual needs by keeping busy with work. She had opened her blouse at the throat while she was alone.

She left her blouse undone even when Alice showed up, not thinking about how inappropriate it was for another ma to see her naked flesh. Perhaps, she left it open to entice Alice, hence why she didn’t make an effort to button it back up, or she may have merely forgotten about it, but in the end she still succumbed to the attention Alice gave her. There are moments in the story that reveal love in both of these relationships. But as it seems not all relationships are perfect or what they seem.

Calcite and Elise have both lacked what they needed from there spouse making them bored in some way, and finding love and passion from other men to make them feel wanted and appreciated. Calcite and Elise were one of those women who only dream of love, while being married or in a relationship with somebody they don’t want to be anymore, or have no choice to do so. Some examples of love that both of these stories portray are Bonito buying Calcite the can of shrimp ,while he’s at the market, knowing how “fond” she is of them and Elise leaning very sexually aroused and passionate for the tinker man who she really likes.

As we see both women don’t get what they want from there husbands so they seek it in other men, but this doesn’t make them guilty on any charges. Its completely normal for a spouse to start feeling love and passion for another person when the spouse is not doing what they are supposed to be doing in making things right for the other spouse. Calcite pretending everything was fine after her encounter with Alice, going back into her same routine of doting on her husband and child. Alice writing his wife a sweet, heartfelt letter telling her how such she and the children mean to him.

The love portrayed in these stories are more of a force of nature because that’s how the opportunity to experience the lust came about. The storm is what gave Calcite and Alice the chance to become wrapped up with each other in a whirl of passion. The tinker riding by Elijah’s garden looking for work is what awakened her lust and unfulfilled sexual desires. However, human emotion is also involved. The lack of attention that both of these women experienced, gave way to they reacted when someone did give them the attention they craved.


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