The storm

Chopin is about a lonesome house wife, Clarita, and her old friend, Alice, whom are both trapped in unfulfilled marriages, share their repressed feelings toward one another on a night during a fierce storm, while their significant others are away. There are too many times that people fall into a loveless marriage without having the restrictions of earlier years when there were arranged marriages, or just rushing into things due to lust and excitement of meeting someone new.

In the story Chopin depicts sex as liberating and enjoyable. Chopin states, “her fem., elastic flesh knew for the first time its birthright. ” The lovemaking with the man touches “depths that had never yet been reached. ” Marriage is a constricting tradition that eliminates the free will of both participants. Not being an advocate of adultery, however this adultery does not end in tragedy, it is quite the opposite. The woman who normally would be frustrated and upset with her Cubans and child for bringing in dirt into the house is quite the opposite.

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Welcoming them into the house with open arms and ecstatic to be with them again due to her physical needs being met. Often times in marriages they turn into a job instead the love and relationships excitement still create that rumble of feelings. Claries eagerly snatches at LLCsee’s offer. For her, as, apparently, for Calcite, marriage is confining. Calcite escapes by having sex with LLCe; Claries escapes by forgoing “intimate conjugal life” with him for a while.

She will return to ere husband, just as Calcite will remain with Bobbin¶t, yet this innocent adultery has given everyone a breath of freedom, cleansing them as a summer storm freshens and purifies the air. Chopping characters here do not rebel against the institution of marriage; they object only to being confined by traditional roles. Given the freedom to satisfy their physical or spiritual needs, they are content with their spouses. In fact, for marriage to succeed, Chopin argues, such freedom is crucial. Far from threatening marriage, this liberty is its only means of salvation.


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