The Monkey’s Paw Overview

White) and the son (Herbert) are playing, while the mother (Mrs. White) sits knitting by the fire. Mr. White loses the chess game to his son. I Conflict I The story continued with Karim that always ask his mother an answerable questions. He likes to ask about death. Fariq, brother of Karim found that his brother wereobsessed of death by read the books about death. Faroq, brother of Karim, feels angry when her mother just let Karim wear the shoesthat was very specialto him I Major Marris tells them the tale of the Monkey Paw which can grant three wishes to three men-He then chucks the monkey paw on he fire and Mr.

White, horrified, picks it up and keeps it. Mr. White wishes for two hundred pounds. Herbert goes off to the machinery at ‘Meg and Maws’ and doesn’t come back. A man comes the house and tells Mr. and Mrs. White that there son is dead and that Meg and Maws are providing a sum of two hundred pounds as compensation for their son’s loss. The son is buried. Then one night Mrs. White realizes that they can use the second wish to bring back their son. After Mr. White makes the wish there is a knocking at the door. I climax The climax in the story is when Karim suddenly collapse in his bedroom.

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Then, hisfamily took him to the Dr. Tan’s clinic and he was placed at the observation wards. Not long time be passed, Karim lets his last breath besides his lovely mother Mrs. White goes downstairs to let it in while Mr. White stays upstairs, afraid and frantic about what is about to be let into the house. Just as Mrs. White is unlocking the door, Mr. White pounces on the Monkey paw. I conclusion Karim leave this world with Last Will And Tastement that were dedicate to his family that before this caring about him. His mother was waited beside him. arim was die dand he never said goodbye. Faroq and Fariq was found Karim’s last will and testament. Karim found it in the blue envelop. I The knocking ceases suddenly and the chair is drawn back from the door and the door is opened. Mrs. White wails with disappointment and misery. Mr. White rushes downstairs to his wife’s side and then out to the gate beyond. The street is quiet and deserted. I CHARACTERS BEQUESTS OF LOVE I THE MONKEYS PAW I Karim – Karim is a very curious and inquisitive son. He always ask his parents aboutmany things that cannot been answered by them.

Karim has strong emotion when he is no whining at the extra medication given by Dr. Tan to reduce the pain nor where there any grumbles at having to take extra rest. It is the sporting way in which he accepted his disability and coped with it. He is also an intelligent and clever boy as well as he got the strong spirit. But no one in the house had expected Karim to outrun us in spirit or inintelligence. I Herbert White – The son of Mr. and Mrs. White. Herbert is an irreverent, affectionate, and loyal young man and the only surviving child of the Whites.

He works in an unidentified capacity with heavy machinery at a company called Maws and Meggins. It is possible, although not certain, that Mr. White’s second wish reanimates Herbert as a terrifying corpse. I Haryati – Loved Karim. Haryati is a very loving mother. She loves Karim intensely as long as Karim is her son. Haryati also an emotional person. She was frustrated with her life. This is due to the novel;The anger that flooded through me stopped the tears that threatened to fallwith the frustration of?«l broke down then… Still feels a link with her deceased son.

Haryati still remember about her son, Karim even though Karim was passed away. She feels a link with her son by looking at the creased paper that left them Karim’s bequest of love. f I ever feel in need of loving now, all I have to do is look at the creased paper on which my son left us his bequests of love and I feel all right again. I Mrs. White Herbert’s mother and Mr. White’s wife. Mrs. White is an intelligent and passionate woman. She shares her husband’s and son’s fascination with Sergeant-Major Morris’s stories and questions him just as eagerly as they do.

She is lovingly attentive to her husband and son, although she also enjoys teasing them. Herbert’s death traumatizes Mrs. White, and she forces Mr. White to wish Herbert back to life. I Zulkifly – he is a very well man by howing his self-controllable attitudes to the family. He can accept the tears with courage . Zulkifly is also a reasonable person. He shows it in the novel by calming down his wife, Haryati when Karim was sick in the hospital. There is a sense of humour in the family.

For instance,Zulkifly teased his wife while she is answering some questions from Karim. I Mr. White – Herbert’s father and Mrs. White’s husband. Mr. White is an old man who is both curious and malleable. A poor man, he thinks longingly about the exotic lands he has never visited. The monkey’s paw fascinates him in part because of its connection to those lands. Although it is Mr. White who makes all three wishes, he makes the first two only at the suggestions of his wife and son. I Fariq and Faroq – Fariq is an observant person.

He is the first who noticed Karim’s preoccupation with death. It is stated in the novel:lt was Fariq who first noticed Karim’s preoccupation with death. Fariq and Faroq is totally indifferent. They are seem same. Both Fariq and Faroq are active in sports. For instance Faroq left his parents with Karim playing their childish game to play football. Both of them are good-looking. They are also love karim very much. They play football less often to spent much time for Karim. Sergeant-Major Morris – A friend of the Whites.


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