The Greek Goddess Athena

The Greek goddess Athena Angelina Shaw Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare. Her roman name is Minerva. Chose Athena as my subject because she Vass a goddess who was strong, intelligent, and likes to help people. It was said that Athena did not have 3 mother, and that she was born from the head Of her father Zeus. But there are other stories saying that Athena did in fact have a mother, but that Zeus was afraid if she had their child he would lose all his power.

Zeus was told that is he swallowed Meets (Ethane’s mother) before she gave birth, that he would receive he wisdom of Meets and he would the one to bare the child. Both the stories end the same way; Athena comes out of Zeus’ head as a tall woman, wearing her golden helmet and is armed with a shield and a spear. Because she inherited the properties of her “motherly she was known as the goddess of wisdom. Athena was a shape shifter, so she was said to look like many things. The most popular would be the fact that she was tall and that she appeared to be austere and lofty. Athena was very helpful and kind, unlike her brother Poseidon.

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Athena liked to elf people that actually needed help and weren’t selfish, She was the protector to the city to Athens in Greece. She was also thought to protect Odysseus, Demimonde, Hercules, and Telemeters. Athena was a strong supporter of strong and kind men. Her herself was very strong, like most gods and goddesses she did have her weaknesses and of course her strengths. Athena used her wisdom and craftiness as a weapon. She also was a shape shifter and could turn in to whatever she wanted; she also had the power of foresight, and could turn people into whatever she liked.

Her strength outweighed her weaknesses. Her only weaknesses were the fact that she had no power in other deities, except for her own realm of vision and industry. Athena was nice and considerable to people Who were really seeking Wisdom and help from her. But she was fierce and destructive to those that were ignorant. The personality of the goddess depends on the nature Of the realm that Which she personifies. Yet she was quick to reward but get on her bad side and she is quick to punish. Athena had a gentle but level headed nature about her. She was loved by most gods and goddesses.

Every god and goddesses have their own object and or animal they re associated with. Ethane’s animal was thought to be the owl, of course no one truly knows for sure but it’s an educated guess from the artifacts and stories they have heard or seen. Athena seems to be conveyed as an owl, because owls are a symbol of wisdom, Being that Athena is the goddess of wisdom it seems fit that her animal and or symbol would be an owl. Athena was among the favorite tooth goddess and people would worship her in many ways. Some people would pray that she give them wisdom and strength and other held festivals in her name and worshipped her there.

Every god and or goddess seems to be named after or have a connection to the constellations or the alignments in the stars Some of the roman names for these Greek gods and goddesses are the same as the planets in our solar system. But I could not find any evidence that the goddess Athena was connected to the stars and or planets. Also only found one word that came from the name Athena. That word is attenuate. It means an institution for the promotion Of the literary or scientific learning. Chose Athena because she is Greek goddesses that care for people and likes to help them.


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