The Great Gatsby(True Love Or Just An

The Great Gatsby(True Love Or Just An Illusion) Essay, Research Paper

In F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, many people of the high social status

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such as Tom, Myrtle, and Nick wonder if Gatsby is truly in love with Daisy, or if he is in

love with what Daisy, herself, represents. Gatsby s whole life is based on trying to win

Daisy s love. But does Gatsby ever think about how it would be if he did win her back?

He is so caught up with the illusion of love that he doesn t really think about how his life

will be, if he were to win Daisy s love back. Truly, he would not have been happy with


Gatsby is a keen, intelligent man that knows how to get what he wants. Yet, just

because he knows how to win Daisy s love, doesn t mean he put much thought into what

his life would be like with her. In Gatsby s eyes, Daisy is the perfect Dream Woman .

Daisy, in Gatsby s eyes, can never do anything wrong. Gatsby, is so in love with Daisy

because over the year s he has become infatuated with her. He has made her an

untouchable dream. Yet in reality, Daisy is a totally different person than what Gatsby

views her as. If Gatsby did live the rest of his life with her, he would most likely not be

happy, only because Daisy and Gatsby are of two different backgrounds and pasts.

Since Gatsby is so caught up with the illusion of being with the girl of his dreams,

he will do almost anything to win Daisy s love back and will do anything to have Daisy

be with him. Gatsby showed just how much he is willing to sacrifice, just to be with

Daisy, when he took the blame for hitting Myrtle Wilson when really Daisy hit Myrtle.

Mr. Wilson went to Tom s house, looking for Gatsby. Mr. Wilson was carrying a gun

with him and was angry. So henceforth Mr. Wilson found Gatsby in his pool and shot

Gatsby. Gatsby paid the ultimate price to be with Daisy; Gatsby gave his life for Daisy s

safety and innocence.

Finally, Gatsby only thought about the good things that would come up with his

relationship with Daisy. Since Gatsby s whole life is devoted to winning her back, he

cannot look at her as she really is. Gatsby should have went along with his first instinct,

when he was at Nick s house waiting for Daisy to arrive at Nick s house so he could meet

up with her again and then his life long quest of being with his dream girl would come

true. His first instinct was starting to know that meeting Daisy was a terrible idea . Yet

since he went with his other instinct, he was killed. He was never able to see how exactly

his life would have been if he wasn t killed and he spent the rest of his life with her.

Daisy is really interested in Gatsby s possessions. Daisy doesn t deserve Gatsby s love.

More than likely he wouldn t have been happy being with her because in Daisy s eyes

they can t ever be together because they are of different social statuses.

Gatsby could never really be happy with Daisy in the long run. The only way

Gatsby could be happy with Daisy in the long run is if she breaks off her marriage with

Tom and tells Tom that she has always loved Gatsby. Maybe, just maybe, then would

Gatsby only truly be happy with living the rest of his life with his love Daisy.


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