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In many dramatic plays there are many points in the story that could have prevented the tragic ending. Such as shown in the play of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. The ending of Romeo and Juliet was very tragic. In all there were six deaths. Including that of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. They killed themselves to show their undying love and their desire to be together without the hatred of their parents keeping them apart. This tragic ending could have been prevented if Friar Lawrence s plans had worked. In one part of the play, Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a sleeping potion, and he wrote a letter that was supposed to get to Romeo by the next day explaining how they were going to fake Juliet s death. Friar Lawrence had given the letter that was going to explain their plans of Juliet s fake death to his friend, Friar John. But Friar John did not want to make the long trip to Mantua alone. So he went to get a friend to go along with him. But a problem occurred and they got quarantined overnight. Therefore, the letter did not get to Romeo. If the letter had gotten to Romeo as scheduled, their whole plan would have worked and Romeo and Juliet would have been together in the end.

Another thing that happened is when Lord Capulet decided to change the wedding he had planned for Juliet and Count Paris from Thursday to Wednesday. This caused Juliet to have to take the sleeping potion from the Friar a day earlier then expected. Therefore, giving one less day for the Friar s plans to work. So, if Lord Capulet had not decided to change the wedding, the Friar s plans as stated above may have worked causing a change in the dramatic ending. Also, if the Friar had gotten to the Capulet s tomb a little bit earlier, he could have found Romeo there. If this would have happened, he could have prevented Romeo from killing himself and could have told Romeo of Juliet s fake death and his plans to get them together. Then, he could have in some way, sent Romeo and Juliet off to Mantua where they could be together like they wanted to be. Instead of having their love end in death. As one can see, many things in the story could have changed the tragic ending. Just one of these incidences could have proven to make the Friar s plans work out and not end in such tragedy.

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