Rip Athena

Writing Today, we morn the tragic loss of a great god. On May 22, 2013, the great god Athena was found dead on mount Olympus, She will be remembered forever as the goddess of wisdom and military victory. She was also the guardian and patron of Athens, Greece. She helped build Athens into an economic power house in Greece. She has impacted the culture to Greece as well. Many of the cultures and beliefs that are there are as a result of her existence, She has inspired millions.

From generations past to generations future, young women eave looked up to her and she has played a positive role model to them, She helps all those who call upon her to develop wisdom beyond there years. She has truly inspired millions. News of her death late Wednesday afternoon spread quickly through out the entire world. The news Vass shocking to all. Great sadness spread through the world. A few hours after her death, candle light vigils and memorial ceremonies were held through out the world word. D World. People from all around traveled to mount Olympus to lay flowers at the door to Ethane’s home.

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With Athena gone, many people feel lost without her. Her family is currently trying to help the people move on, Her father, Zeus, has instructed everyone to not be sad or cry. Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, has that kind of power over all of the land. Ethane’s brother in law Hercules has decided to make peace with his enemies to honor his sister in law. Athena had been trying to make peace with him and his enemies for years and now that she is gone he decides to listen. Flinty how people start to listen when your dead. Athena will be laid to rest on Wednesday May 29, 2013.


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