Poseidon is one of the many Greek gods in ancient history that is set apart from the many Others. He is considered the most disruptive and destructive god Of all time. He is the god sea, and is responsible for many storms, earthquakes, and tsunami’s. He is the son Of Crocus and Rhea, and brother Of Zeus, the god Of the heavens and earth. Poseidon and his wife Amphitheatre live at the bottom of the sea in a palace engulfed with a garden of corals and shimmering pearls.

Poseidon does have one son who is named Triton which is half man and half fish. However, Poseidon did have many other offspring such as Polymorphous the Cyclops, Pegasus, Charladies the ship eating monster, and Orion the hunter, Poseidon was not always the god of the sea, after his mother conceived her many sons and daughters, Crocus the tatter concluded that one to children would over throw him, As a result, he tried to kill the sixth child, but did not succeed, As an effect, there was a war between the sixth child and Crocus.

Poseidon and his two brothers helped the sixth child, and the titans sided with Crocus, This war was ultimately for control of the universe, and the Olympian won. Poseidon and his two brothers then decided who will get which domain of the universe. Zeus got the heavens and earth, Hades attained the underworld, and Poseidon the Just 2 Poseidon is mostly depicted in ancient Greek art as a bearded man With his trident in his hand.

He is also usually seen riding his gold chariot by hippopotamus. Which are half horse half serpent animals. Poseidon was also said to have held Isthmus of Corinth in great regard, it is unknown but it was probably an important seas route. Poseidon castle is in Cousin’s where the Isthmian games ere held in his honor, Poseidon also features in Homers Odyssey as a major protagonist in the Trojan War of Homer’s Iliad. He also features in the odyssey as the arch nemesis of Odysseus.

Poseidon is also most often depicted as a deep “sounding earth shaker”. Poseidon the god Of seas is set apart from other gods because he was one of the most fierce and violent. He is also one to the most well-known gods among the Greek gods and one of the most famous.


Poseidon, known by many names like Lord of the Seas, Earth-Shaker, Rain- God, Cloud-Gatherer, and Poseidon of the Thunderbolt, The Mighty Poseidon, and the Roman god Neptune. Poseidon was a god who Vass powerful, decisive, competitive, and dignified. Poseidon is brother to Zeus and Hades. His domain is the sea which he has absolute power, causing Storms and tidal waves. When on Earth, his presence causes earthquakes.

Even though he had his own personal throne on Olympus, He lived on the ocean floor in 3 palace made Of coral and mess, and drove a chariot pulled by horses, there he rules over the ocean’s entire domain With his court Of mermen, mermaids, and Nereid. The Other divinities attributed to Poseidon involve the god of earthquakes and the god of horses. The symbols associated with Poseidon include: dolphins, tridents, and three-pronged fish spears. Even with such power, he did attribute to many known events at the time. Making him one of the most well known Greek god.

Poseidon was relied upon by sailors for a safe voyage on the sea. In sacrifice of his honor many men drowned horses. Poseidon was very moody, When he was in a good mood, Poseidon created new lands in the water and a calm sea. Usually, the violent sea storms and rumbling earthquakes would be reflections of his moody personality. He controlled the nature to the seas with the magic of his trident, sometimes whipping the water and currents into frenzies with the staff. Like his brother Zeus, he fathered many children with other goddesses, nymphs, and mortal women, despite the fact that he was married.

However, the sea god and his wife had their fairs hare of children as well, the most notable being their reran son Triton. The young merman often followed his father across the ocean; whenever Poseidon would stir up a fierce sea storm, it was always Triton who would calm the sea winds with a blow from his special conch shell. He also impregnated the Gorgon Medusa to conceive Chrysler and Pegasus, the flying horse. The rape of Terra by Poseidon resulted in the birth of Theses, perhaps the best known child known as being the great hero Who ventured into the Laddering to slay the Minotaur.

He turned Census into a man, at her request, after raping her. Another rape involved Anemone when she tried to escape from a satyr and Poseidon saved her. One of the most notorious love affairs of Poseidon involves his sister, Demeter. One of the most popular origins of the horses and other creatures occurred when the great sea god lusted over his sister. Another infamous story to Poseidon involves him and the goddess toward, Athena; the competition for the city of Athens. To win the hearts of people of the city, Poseidon threw a spear at the ground and produced the spring at the Acropolis.

But in the end Athena won, giving the people of Athens the olive tree. In his anger over the decision, Poseidon flooded the Attic Plain. Eventually, Athena and Poseidon worked together by combining their powers. Poseidon usually used his powers of earthquakes, water, and horses to inflict fear and punishment on people as revenge. Though he could be difficult and assert his powers over the gods and mortals, Poseidon could be cooperative and he also helped the Greeks during the Trojan War. Poseidon is an essential character in the study Of Greek mythology.