Passing the Immigration Reform

Passing the Immigration Reform Let’s start with something that is obvious: We are country of immigrants. Some came here because they wanted to and others because they were brought here by their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. Nonetheless, we are immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, one, and all. Even the natives came here from somewhere else, originally. All of the people who come to this country come for freedom, or for some product of that extraordinary, illusory condition. That is what we offer here”freedom and opportunity.

Illegal Immigration Reform in America is one of the most controversial topics today in politics is what to do about illegal immigration in the United States. Should we consider all of the illegal immigrants already here felons? Should we let them stay and give them full citizenship rights? These are all important questions when the subject of illegal immigration is brought up. In 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act made it illegal for employers to knowingly hire undocumented workers and imposed fines of up to $11 ,000.

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Americans and Naturalized citizens are uffering because illegal immigrants will do the same job for less pay and do not receive benefits. I have chosen this topic because for as long as can remember immigration has always been a problem in America. I know that is what America is, foreigners coming to the new world for a better life and freedom. Immigration is not just about crossing a border, but it affects Americans in all different ways, welfare, crime, drug smuggling just to name a few, are ways that we are being affected by people being here illegally.

One of the biggest challenges o immigration reform is the current state of our nation’s economy. The first decade of this century has brought sweeping changes in the global economy which has directly impacted the wallets of everyone in this country. Certainly when President Obama, the son of an immigrant, was elected many advocates for immigration reform became hopeful and many were very angry about the decision. “Stay in school. Work hard. Make good grades. If you do those things, you can go to college and earn a good living. ” All over America, teachers repeat this in their classrooms.

Coaches say it, too. So do parents, counselors and almost everyone. What would you do if your children would be left out without the chance of attending college, and being successful in life? In 1982, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the children of illegal immigrants only have a right to a free Kinder to 12th grade education, but the court didn’t extend the right to higher education. For Juan Ortiz, my brother, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, the debate about whether an undocumented student has a right to attend college was one of his biggest drawbacks, for my family couldn’t afford he tuition.

Illegal immigrants are not qualified for federal or state financial aid or government guaranteed student loans. For that reason, my brother says he stopped caring about his education in 1 lth grade. “l always knew couldn’t attend college. I don’t have a driver’s license, an I. D. , or any papers,” he said. He began skipping school and acting disrespectfully to his teachers and was eventually kicked out of his high school. Dropouts are more likely to commit crimes, abuse drugs and alcohol, become teenage parents, live in poverty nd commit suicide, so is the United States promoting kids to be criminals by evading them of education?

A common argument among those opposing further immigration is that foreigners take U. S. jobs and cause unemployment among the displaced American workers. However, Julian L. Simon, author of The Economic Consequences of Immigration, states: immigration does not exacerbate unemployment… lmmigrants not only take jobs, but also create them. Their purchases increase the demand for labor, leading to new hires roughly equal in number to the immigrant workers. In the same Business Week poll, eighty-three percent of non-blacks and eighty-seven percent of blacks agree that “many new immigrants are very hard-working. The results of the poll may seem somewhat contradictory, but not necessarily negative. Those polled seem to be at least a little open-minded in their view of the quality of new immigrants. However, in order to overcome their distrust of foreigners, Americans must abandon their suspicions and recognize, as Simon has, that our lives are enhanced by immigrants creating, not taking, U. S. jobs. Immigration reform is good idea because there is great amount of good hard working people in the country that are illegal immigrants.

These people come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their families. Many immigrant come to the United States to give their children a chance to go to a college of University. When the children grow up educated they in turn help the government by being strong contributors to the government’s finances, with their taxes exceeding the government’s costs for immigration reform. Most of them like the people I am writing about work more than one job and have never been on welfare. There are also people who set bad examples and make the rest of the immigrants look bad.

Then one has the government that does not help the immigrant situation any with the tactics that their officials use to capture immigrants and deport them. My father was one of these immigrants that came from Mexico illegally to work and make a better life for himself, his wife and his children. He came to the United States when he was only 22 years old with only the cloths on his back. Two days after he was in Austin, he acquired a job at a bar on Barton Springs. He orked at this bar for a couple of months until he found his second job, which was in construction.

He started from the bottom at this company and by the year 2000, he was a supervisor with people working for him. My father has been here in the United States for over 26 years and has never applied for any kind of government help like welfare or been a burden to the government. Same as my mother she was an immigrant coming to the United States with my father not because she wanted to but because she had heard that bringing my brothers and sister to the United States would give them a better life.

She started working cleaning houses and people paying her dirt money but she had to make a living so that coming from Mexico would be worthwhile. In 2001 she found a different job at a thrift shop were 4yrs later the owner of the store got extremely sick and later decided to leave her store to my mom. Another example of immigrants coming to better their lives. I have lived and seen tons of immigrants come to United States and make a better living for themselves, we do have those couple of people that come and don’t do the right thing but they many that do are a ood asset to this country.

Immigrants from all over the World come for a reason. Whether it be to get a good job, their children going to college, freedom or whatever it might be it is a good reason. We should all be given chances. Not only will it help us at immigrants but it will also help the economy and unemployment. am for the Immigration reform because have seen lots of hardworking people try to succeed but we as American don’t let them. Every single one of us wouldn’t want that for any of our family members so why would we hold back anybody else’s family members.


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