Of Mice And Men Meaning Essay Research

Of Mice And Men Meaning Essay, Research Paper

The fact that Curley’s wife is not given a name foreshadows her own isolation.

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In fact, probably reason why she is not given a name, is because she is totally

hidden from the world and nobody knows her as anyone else. She is always

referred to as Curley’s wife, a ghost to the world. This emphasizes her complete

isolation form the rest of the characters in the novel. She is a character

without sympathy, but she can be vicious. She is a victim of an empty life, and

a meaningless one. Meaningless due to the fact that she discovers that her

husband “ain’t a nice fella,” and that there is no one to care for

her. She has wonderful dreams of being a Hollywood star, but all her dreams are

crushed by the insensitivity towards her shown by the other characters. She is

forever isolated on a ranch with a “bunch of bindle bums,” to live out

her days as a slave to loneliness. However, her loneliness and boredom lead her

to discover that Lennie is the one responsible that broke Curley’s hand. She

approaches Lennie several times, and Lennie tries to avoid her, but later

sympathizes with her over the loss of his pup. At which point a terrible

coincidence appears. They both like soft things; this is when Lennie is invited

to feel how soft her hair is. This invitation seals the fate of a lonely girl’s

soul to an early death. Now the novel takes a step toward a tragedy. With the

killing of Curley’s wife, Lennie has signed his own death warrant. At the end of

the novel, loneliness is displayed one last time. I believe, now that Lennie is

gone; George is doomed to suffer the same fate as Curley’s wife. A life of

complete isolation, both from his new friends and the world. George will

disappear, just as his dream of his own ranch did when Lennie was killed.


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