Of Mice And Men By Steinbeck Masterpiece

Of Mice And Men By Steinbeck Masterpiece Essay, Research Paper

A common characteristic of people is they’re yearning for something more.

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Everyone has dreams and ambitions that they try desperately to attain. Most of

the time these dreams are harmless but other times, what seems normal and doable

turns bad and can hinder not only themselves but also others in the process.

George from Of Mice And Men was a poor, traveling farmer who’s only goal in life

was to live in his own land and have a successful agricultural business. In

trying to make his dream come true he hurt a lot of feelings, Lenny’s

especially, he ruined other peoples reputations, and forgot who he was for

awhile. Lenny was a kind, dumb farmer who had the utmost respect for George.

Unfortunately George took advantage of it sometimes. Lenny would do whatever he

was told if it meant having rabbits and living on George’s’ land with him. Lenny

was very strong and great in the fields which was probably the main reason

George kept him around at first; but you suddenly get hints that George does in

fact have a place in his heart for Lenny. Lenny’s ignorance leads him to trouble

just as much as his dreams of rabbits and land. In fact, Lenny’s death is

indirectly the cause of his hopes and dreams. A third character that came off as

a dreamer was Curly’s wife. Curly was very obsessive and mean to her. His cruel

treatment made her try and find comfort in another man, which happened to be

Lenny. Lenny’s inability to feel safe and secure around her made something in

him snap, which led to her death. The woman’s dreams of a kind-hearted husband

who treated her with respect was the cause of her tragic death. Of Mice And Men

is very ironic in the sense that having dreams can be a good thing or it can

even be deadly, especially in Lenny’s case. The book makes you decide, should I

be realistic or should I try and make my dreams come true?


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