Of Mice And Men (2)

Of Mice And Men – The Extra Chapter Essay, Research Paper

Will the court please stand. Honorary Judge Alan Diers presiding. You may be seated.?

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The courtroom audience sits and looks upon the murder trial of George Milton. Mr. Milton had been accused of murder after several eyewitnesses reported a dead man in their vicinity. Mr. Milton?s attorney, Steven Johnson, thinks the case is within reach of acquittal and deems it is possible to win with good testimony from Jacob Salomon. Without hesitation, Steven Johnson speaks to the court. ?The defense would like to call Jacob Salomon to the stand.? With some reluctance, Mr. Salomon, who goes by Slim, walks up to the bench. ?Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth so help you God??

I do.?

You may be seated.?

Slim sits and awaits the challenge that lies ahead of him. As he prepares to testify, he thinks back to that fateful afternoon. He recalls his sense of George?s extreme regret, and faces the lawyer.

Can you tell us what you remember about the day Lenny died?? asked Mr. Johnson.

Yes, sir. I remember it like it was yesterday. We was playin? horseshoes out the barn back in Soledad and ol? Candy runs out the barn yellin? and hollerin?. I ask him what?s going on and he says that something bad happened. Well, me and the boys ran over to the barn to see what?s the matter. We walked in and saw Curley?s wife just layin on the ground and not movin?.?

Could you please state ?Curley?s wife?s name??

Yes sir, her name was Jennifer Forte.?

And I can only assume that Curley is not really that mans birth name.?

No, it?s not. His real name is Joseph, but me and the boys call him Curley.?

Alright, back to the mater at hand. Do you know what happened to Jennifer Forte??

We was in there and she was dead.?

Do you know who did it??

We was all playin? horseshoes cept Candy, Lennie, Curl? I mean Jennifer. The only guy there who could of done it was Lennie. Candy?s too old and Jennifer had a broken neck and showed signs struggle.?

How do you know she showed signs of struggle??

Candy told me. He says he heard her screamin? some before he comes over there.?

So you think Lennie did it, now what did you do??

Well, we went out lookin? for Lennie. Carlson and Curley got some guns and were ready to shoot him in his guts. We were all out there looking for him and George found him. And? he hadda.?

Do what, Slim??

He hadda kill him. Yessir, he hadda. Lennie had Carlson?s Lager and it was George or Lennie. ?

Thank you, Slim. No further questions, your honor. The defense rests.?

It took the jury less than an hour to return with a virdict. Not guilty?if only George could believe them.


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