Odysseus and achilles

Aaron K. Gillespie ENG 220 Essay I Recipe gore Remembrance Plotting The ancient people Of Greek mythology believed there was a recipe for a mortal man to claim immortality, and have a name that echoes throughout the ages. The ingredients can be found between the tuft very popular mythical figures of ancient Greece, Odysseus from Homers “The Odyssey and Achilles from his other timeless story, ‘The Iliad”. This document will relay the commonalities shared through tragedy, and revenge, along with the contrasting characteristics of personality, methodology in combat and, endured hardships.

Through the combination of their trials, experiences, and personal attributes, we will not only be able to identify them thoroughly as men worthy of remembrance, but we will understand what factors occupy the paradigm for their ongoing example to immortality as myths. (The following differences and similarities will be discussed separately in whole between “The Iliad”, and “The Odyssey” to maintain chronological order) Homers story ‘The Iliad”, the story of the Trojan War is one of epic proportions, and offers many conflicts between its characters.

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From instances between gods, cities, kings, and warriors, there is o greater conflict than that between Achilles, and the Prince of Troy, Hector. Ironically the unforeseen issue between these two came about due to Achilles disdain for his king, Agamemnon. After Agamemnon frees Prism’s daughter he demands Achilles love interest Bruises. As an argument ensued over the matter Achilles proceeded to explain his resistance to Agamemnon future orders T’/hat a poltroon, how lily-liveried I should be called, if Knuckled under to all you do or say!

Give your commands to someone else, not me! And one more thing I have to tell you; think it over: this time, for the girl, will not wrangle in arms with you anymore, though am robbed of what was given me; but as for any other thing have alongside my black ship, you shall not take it against my will. Try it. Hear this, everyone: that instant your hot blood blackens my spear! ” (360). Soon after this, Agamemnon agrees to return Bruises, but when Odysseus goes to ask Achilles to accept the apology, he receives a flat refusal.

So as the Greeks near defeat, Achilles best friend, Patrols, convinces Achilles to lend him his armor, thinking that even if Achilles refuses to fight, he himself can help the Greeks by pretending to be Achilles and thus frightening the Trojan. Leading Achilles’ men, he Myrmidons, into battle, Patrols tights just as a comrade to Achilles would be expected but is struck to the ground and before he is killed Hector says “… The kites will feed on you, here on this field.

Poor devil, what has that great prince, Achilles, done for you? ” (392). Achilles prepares to seek revenge by having his mother Thesis convince Hyphenates to forge a new shield for him. Eventually Achilles meets Hector on battlefield and displays even pure arrogance, rage, and reckless abandon for his attempt at revenge. The battle between them ensued and Achilles speared Hector in the throat, and as he laid on the field dying, questing a respectful burial, Achilles replied “Beg me no beggary by soul or parents, whining dog!

Would god my passion drove me to slaughter you and eat you raw, you’ve caused such agony to me!… You’ll have no bed of death, nor Will you be laid out and mourned by her Who gave birth. Dogs and birds Will have you, every scrap. ” The extreme savagery that followed as Achilles dragged Hectors body by a chariot, and let dogs feed on him is one of the primary factors that have carried his story through time. After the Trojan War, Odysseus begins his journey home to Ithaca.

Soon enough they swept of course in the ocean and Odysseus undertakes an epic adventure. Soon after fleeing Scones, Zeus storms his ships with turbulent weather for nine days. Eventually they reach the land of the lotus-eaters, where Odysseus, and his deal with the locals trying to give him hallucinogenic fruits that make them target about time, and desire more fruit. Finally Odysseus makes his men evacuate, and they make it to the land of the Cyclopes.

Once they’re on the mainland they search for food, and explore, Soon they come across an empty cave that is full food, and animals. His men try to make haste, but due to Odysseus taking too long, Polymorphous he Cyclopes, son of Poseidon appears. At first the one-eyed giant appears to be hospitable, and offers food and tells them to relax. Then he becomes hostile, and adds to the tragedy of Odysseus crew by killing two of Odysseus’ men, and imprisons Odysseus along with the rest.

Odysseus wants to kill Polymorphous right then, but he knows that only Polymorphous is strong enough to move the rock that he has placed across the door of his cave. Odysseus then decides to devise and execute a plan. The next day, Odysseus gets him drunk on Wine that he brought along from the ship. Feeling under the influence, Polymorphous asks Odysseus his name; Odysseus replies that his name is “Nobody”, As soon as Polymorphous collapses with intoxication, Odysseus and a select group of his men drive the red-hot staff into his eye.

Polymorphous wakes with a shriek, and his neighbors come to see what is wrong, but they leave as soon as he calls out, “Nobody’s killing me” (Via class discussion). Through the combination of their trials, experiences, and personal attributes, we can not only identify these hero’s thoroughly as men worthy of remembrance, but we understand what factors occupy the paradigm for their ongoing example of immortality as myths. Achilles as a great warrior, with no discipline, but a burning desire for greatness, and even greater blood thirst for the revenge of his fallen friend Patrols.


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