Never Let Me Go

Kathy H. , they say she gets to pick and choose, and she always chooses her own kind people from Hails, or one of the other privileged estates. ” (Peg. 1 1) However, Kathy was only able to choose her donors during the second half of her tenure as a career. Kathy has a unique position, where she cares for the donors that she grew up with. For instance, Ruth is her lost childhood friend, who she rekindles her relationship with once she begins the donation process. Kathy is able to do this with Tommy, as well.

While growing up Kathy found herself in the middle of a love triangle where she cared for both Tommy and Ruth, but wanted Tommy for herself. Tommy and Ruth were together as kids continuing to young adults. Kathy was always on the outside looking in on their relationship. It was at the Cottages where Kathy was able to volunteer to become a career and she had the privilege of meeting other donors from other schools. In regard to the Cottages it says, “Eight of us who left Hails that summer ended up at the Cottages Others went to the White Mansion in the Welsh hills, or to Poplar Farm n Dorset. (Peg. 274)The residents who weren’t from Hails heard elaborate lies and exaggerations about the privileges. Kathy reunites with Ruth upon finding out that she is struggling after her second donation. The two then insist on finding Tommy after hearing about his successful recovery of his second donation and also his close proximity to their travel destination. Ruth insists on traveling to a stranded boat in the marsh. The story reads, “God knows how these things work. Sometimes it’s a particular joke, sometimes a rumor.

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It travels from center to center, right the way across the country in a matter of days, and suddenly every donors talking about it. Well, this time it was to do with a boat. I’d first heard about it from a couple of my donors up in North Wales. Then a few days later, Ruth too started telling me about it. (peg. 505) three begin to spend time with one another once again. Kathy starts to care for both Ruth and Tommy. Ultimately Ruth reached completion during the third donation, as well as Tommy. Kathy was given notice of her first donation two weeks after Tombs completion.

This book was a slow start; however the end made me reconsider the idea of having a soul. Hails used art and other types of expression to see, if the children had souls. It is for certain that they did indeed have SOUSES. Between Tommy’s fits of rage, his capacity to love, Ruth and her feelings of regret for keeping Tommy and Kathy apart, and Kathy with her compassion and love of music. The clones were every bit as human as the people they were made to save.


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