Never Let Me Go Literary Analysis

There are many important symbols In the novel Never Let Me Go by by Kazoo Guiros. Some of them include hope, growth and learning. But by far the most important symbol in this novel would have to be Love because if these clones weren’t capable of love or if the guardians didn’t love the children, then this story would be pretty short and boring. Love is one of the biggest motives for the majority of the plot points in this novel. There are many different types of love portrayed in this novel. Dictionary. Mom defines love as a profoundly tender assassinate affection for another person, A sexual passion or desire or a warm personal attachment or deep affection. Kazoo Guiros has thoroughly covered all of these bases in this novel with the relationships between Kathy and Tommy as adults and as children, Kathy and Ruth and between the clones and the guardians but mostly Miss. Emily. Ruth and Kathy through out the novel have had a very strange relationship. For example Kathy is a very compassionate, good-natured and at times an apathetic person. Ruth is more or less the opposite because she is selfish, a compulsive liar and at times insecure.

Even thou Kathy and Ruth both share these differences they are best friends through out childhood and parts of adulthood. A good possibility why they are such good friends is because they are so opposite. Ruth always had the “Alpha Dog” mentality and Kathy has more of a passive personality. When Kathy and Ruth were younger they loved each other even if it didn’t seem like it at times. For example when Ruth bragged about how she could play chess and then when she was playing with Kathy, Kathy quickly realized she didn’t know the rules at all and was just lying.

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Instead of making fun of her and exposing her to the other students of Halifax she played along and acted like Ruth did actually know how to play chess. If Kathy didn’t love Ruth she definitely would started teasing her in front of the other students. One of the greatest example of the love between Kathy and Ruth doesn’t happen till almost the end of Rut’s life right before one of her final donations. When Ruth took Cathy to the abandoned boat and explained how sorry she was for pulling them apart all these years so she could get with Tommy.

And that really Tommy and Kathy were meant to be together the entire time. This is a great example because Ruth id not have to do that at all, she could have just lied in her death bed and die with Tommy but for the first time in her life she did something selfless and hook up the two people that really should have been together. So Kathy and Rut’s relationship has really evolved over the years because Ruth respects Kathy a lot more now that they are older and doesn’t really view Kathy as dog that she can boss around.

A huge influence on the clones’ lives was the headmistress at Halifax, Miss. Emily. The children viewed Miss. Emily differently than the other guardians at Halifax. For example, Kathy once described Miss. Emily like this in Chapter 4 “We were all pretty scared of her and didn’t think of her in the way we did the other guardians. But we considered her to be fair and respected her decisions; and even in the Juniors, we probably recognized that it was her presence, intimidating though it was, that made us all feel so safe at Hails”.

We find out later in the novel that Miss. Emily cared and loved these kids so much that she was one of the main activists to treat these clones like humans and put them in nice places such as Halifax. The guardians are the closest thing any of these clones have ever had to parents. On page 60 Kathy explains with out knowing it how she longs for a parent relationship from the guardians “Didn’t we all dream from time to time about one guardian or other bending the rules and doing something special for us? A spontaneous hug, a secret letter, a gift? Because these are traits of a parent or somebody that loves you. The biggest way that Miss. Emily showed her love for the children was when she lost her job for telling the clones the truth about what they were really created for in life and that is to be donors. If she didn’t care about the clones then she definitely wouldn’t have UT her job on the line just to tell them the truth and she also wouldn’t be an activist for treating the clones in more humane ways then they have in the past. One of the most obvious examples of love in this story is between Tommy and Kathy.

Ever since they were extremely young Kathy always looked out for Tommy in various ways. Such as reminding him to change his favorite shirt when he was playing so he get it dirty or rip it. She also explained to him that if he stopped throwing tantrums then the other kids would stop teasing him and playing pranks on him, this did wonders for his self esteem. Even when he was peepholes worried about his elbow falling out of his arm because of a cut Kathy made a sling for him even thou she knew the other kids were just playing a prank on him.

These are all examples of Kathy loving Tommy in childhood before they even know what love was. When they reached adult hood Ruth still tried to keep them apart and she was successful by falsely telling Tommy that Kathy didn’t love him. After Ruth explains that this was a lie Tommy and Ruth try to get a deferral for a couple years because they are in love and would like to spend some more time together. The deferral request is declined because the deferrals never existed in the first place.

With Tommy’s worsening health problems as he goes to his fourth donation his and Kitty’s Montague and Caplet tragic love story comes to an end. When all is said and done love is much like nature. It can be a very beautiful thing but It can also be a very dangerous thing that only leaves you hurt at the end of the day. This novel displayed many different forms of love, such as the love between a parent and a child like Miss. Emily and the Clones, love between two best friends like Kathy and Ruth and love between two people in a relationship like Tommy and Kathy.


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