Moses VS Achilles

A hero must have distinguished courage, valuable abilities, a strong mentality and constant trench. Specific actions also differentiate a leader from a hero. Moses from Exodus and Achilles from The Iliad can both be described with the qualities and decisions of a leader or hero, but Moses is a better leader and Achilles is a better hero. Moose’s actions make him a better leader than Achilles. His consistency of faith for the LORD is close to unmatchable. “Do not fear! Stand your ground and see the victory the LORD will win for you today.

For these Egyptians whom you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you have to only keep still” (Ex., 14. 13-14). The quote portrays Moses perfectly. He has strong faith during the times where it is easy to be weak. The Hebrews had to endure many struggles. They had to work like mules all day and if they didn’t do something the right way they were whipped. The Egyptians also were exterminating Hebrew babies, killing them like they were savages. While having no hope and strength left, Moses revived the light of hope that many Hebrews thought they weren’t going to see again.

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He stands strong and shows them that he has the power of God behind him, and that God was going to help them. Convincing people that have been used to the Egyptian lifestyle Vass hard, but Moses did IL His strong life in what he was doing makes him a very good leader. Even though the Hebrew people were following Moses, not all Of them believed in him. Moses had to endure the journey like the rest, but he kept going. Many people were struggling but when they saw that Moses was struggling as well, but was also staying optimistic, they gained more hope.

Part of being a good strong leader is having the respect of the people who you’re trying to lead. Moses is a man who leads by example. When he came down from the top of Mount Sinai, he knew people were worshipping other Gods. Moses destroys the Golden Idol that the people were worshipping, The way he reacted could have been described as harsh, but being a leader means you have to do what’s necessary. Also in response to the worshipping of other gods, he prays to the LORD and asks the blame to be on himself.

Not only does he show his constant faith, but also he doesn’t hold a grudge against the people and wants the wrongfulness to be blamed on him. Achilles is not a leader and he also shows that by example, A good leader is never described as selfish, Achilles is a talented warrior that can kill many people, but to be a leader you don’t need to be the best on the team in this case army). He is fighting for his own glory and reputation. Achilles kills a tremendous amount of people, in return getting glory, but he doesn’t realize that having people’s respect is part Of the reward.

A leader must care for his followers and do this by example, yet Achilles does the opposite. When Achilles gets his war prize girl taken away, he reacts like a little child. He refuses to right and allows many of his fellow warriors to die. Another reason why Achilles is less Of a leader is because he is emotionally unstable. Having an unstable leader can make the rest of the people feel the same way. Overall Moses is a much better leader than Achilles and he shows this by example. Achilles may be selfish and not care about his fellow fighters, but that doesn’t mean he is not a hero.

A hero goes above and beyond and that’s exactly what Achilles does. Achilles being god-like allows him to have superhuman strength, He absolutely dominates the battlefield. He even scares people away with his war cry. All these abilities are so admirable that stories and rumors go around the soldier’s camp. When the Achaeans see him fighting next to them, they are inspired, Heroes inspire people why their distinguished abilities. His heroism moms from being a good warrior and going above and beyond compared to what an average soldier would do.

Achilles above and beyond attitude makes him a hero. An example of his desire for glory is described in the quote “Poor thus my goddess mother athlete me, Thesis the silver-footed, that twain fates are bearing me to the issue of death. If I abide here and besiege the Trojan’ city, then my returning home is taken from me, but my fame shall be imperishable; but if go home to my dear native land, my high fame is taken from me, but my life shall endure long while, neither shall the issue of death chin reach me. In the poem Achilles has two options to pick from.

He could have either gone back home and live a long peaceful life, or he can stay and fight gaining much glory, but with a cost of a short life. Achilles picks the short life full Of glory, letting his reputation as an awesome warrior and hero grow. Moses did perform a heroic deed, but that doesn’t make you a hero. When Moses fled Egypt after killing the man he did not show the strong will of his actions like Achilles did. He also did not want to be the messenger of the LORD and didn’t have the courageousness to help the Hebrew on his or her own, He as being a coward and had to be convinced by God to help.

Moses and Achilles had two very different situations, Moses had a heroic act but was a better leader, while on the other hand Achilles has leadership like qualities hut was more of a hero. Goth of these characters received their reputations and statuses trot their actions. A leader is a consistent figure that everyone strives to be like while a hero goes above and beyond of what’s average, making people want to be just like them. Both Achilles and Moses have been described as leaders and heroes but Moses is a better leader and Achilles is more of a hero.


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