Monologue: Jordan Baker

You got something you want to say to me too? Year fuel get in line, there’s a lot of people trying to get a overdo in. Mean, who do they think they are to judge me? The world made me dishonest not the other Bay around. Do they really think that fancy cheating my way through life? I don’t visa to be this way but is there any Other way I can survive in this society? Live in the public eye. Have to take more care than the rest of them to protect my image, but how could hey ever understand.

Everyone has to point out that I have bent the rules here and there to benefit my career, but I have witnessed others doing it as well. Haven’t you noticed? Gatsby lies to us all the time so he can divert our attention away from his past, so why can’t l? At least I earn my money by playing golf, instead of inheriting it from family or acquiring it through illegal connections. Likewise, Tom lies to Daisy just as much as have lied to anyone else.

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Daisy is just the same she lies to Tom about Gatsby all the time but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people either, does it? Nick, all I am trying to say is I have been honest with you throughout almost all of this. You might think I am dishonest, selfish, and cynical, but know you’re attracted to me nevertheless, don’t want to be the way am, it’s just completely beyond my control. But am a lady of the upper class and there are standards.


I'm Sandulf

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