Medusa: Athena

Bad hair days happen to everyone they even happened in accent Greece, Anyone would consider their hair being turned into snakes a very bad hair day, but that’s exactly what happened to Medusa Everyone who knows anything about Greek Mythology knows vivo she is. She turned people to stone if they looked at her and was killed by Peruses with the help Athena then placed her head onto a shield. But, how did Medusa become the lady with snake hair that you can not look at? She was not born this way it all comes from her talking badly about the wrong Goddess. Medusa was a priestess ATA temple for the

Goddess Athena. She was very devoted to her, and told everyone Who came to see the temple of the beloved Goddess to many Greek people all the wonderful things about her. But this was not the case for the head goddess Hear. People would walk in and ask her how the Gods and Goddess were doing and Medusa would answer “Everyone is wonderful especially the mighty Athena. Well, all except for Hear. She’s slithering around in Sues’ relationships like a snake. She is a lot like a spent actually she even looks like one, This talk about a goddess would shock the people.

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No one talks about a God that way especially Hear. She was not a very forgiving Goddess, and would certainly have Medusas head for saying something like that. The people would continue on, and pretend they did not hear such bugler things and move on. To course, this kind of talk reached the Goddess Hear, and she was very upset to hear such awful things being said about her. She knew she had to teach Medusa a lesson, or else her people would think she is weak and can talk about her in that way, But, what would she do to teach Medusa her lesson? And then, it came to her, so she set off to visit Medusa.

When Hear arrived at the Temple of Athena that Medusa was known to be at event inside to seek out Medusa. Medusa saw the Goddess and felt as if her life was over. When Hear approached Medusa she said ” Hello Medusa I’ve heard what you’ve been saying about me to all the people, “. “What do you mean hue not said anything about you, my favorite Goddess, Hear. ” “Don’t lie to me Medusa it you’re only make it worse on yourself. ” “Okay fine may have said some things about you that I shouldn’t have, but I don’t even remember What said think we should just forget about it. ” “Here I’ll remind you it had to do with snakes”


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