Macbeth Vs Macduff Essay Research Paper Macbeth

Macbeth vs. Macduff

The conflict between Macbeth and Macduff is very important, one which ultimately leads to the demise of Macbeth. Macduff, who at one point is very loyal to Macbeth, becomes Macbeth s adversary as time progresses.

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These two hey are foil characters. Their characteristics are so different, and so opposite one another that Macduff’s goodness highlights, or accentuates Macbeths’ evilness and vice versa. Their beliefs, morals, and loyalty to each other begin to clash. When Duncan is killed and Macbeth takes the throne, his lack of morals begins to show, to the discontent of Macduff.

Eventually, Macbeth learns of Macduff s plans to flee to England with Malcolm, and orders his family killed. This displeases Macduff somewhat. Various events begin to bring these two opposites closes to a final fight, and ultimately the murder of Macbeth by Macduff.

These events are very significant because they reveal Macbeth for the corrupt man that he is, and gives Macduff the justice that he deserves. This conflict causes Macduff to leave for England and assist Malcolm in raising an army to overthrow Macbeth, which would eventually succeed. Thus this conflict leads to the major conflict between the English and the Scotland, and the personal duel between Macduff and Macbeth results in a war between opposing nations, and a violent coup d etat of Scotland.


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