Macbeth Essay Research Paper I almost forgot

Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

I almost forgot the taste of fears.

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The time has been my senses would have doled

To hear a night-shriek, and my fell of hair

Woul at a dismal treatise rouse and stir

As life were in ‘t. I have supped full with horrors.

Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts,

Cannot once start me

Often in literature when a character has a soliloquy, the character expresses one’s innermost feelings and thoughts about some idea. In The Tragedy of Macbeth, by Shakespeare, the character of Macbeth expresses his view on life through his soliloquy.

In act 5, scene 5 of “Macbeth,” the character of Macbeth displays his feelings and thoughts on life. In the soliloquy Macbeth refers to a few things. Macbeth speaks as though he has no fears, that they were all gone, meaning that on his quest to power all he could see was obtaining everything and with this lust he had no fear, no fear of remorse or anything otherwise. Macbeth further expresses that he has no tingling in his scalp of that fear, or anything, his senses have gone haywire. That fear, the fear of murdering someone, the fear of what will come after all destruction for pure ambition, it had been all gone for so long, Macbeth expresses it as if he wasn’t alive at all. Macbeth in the end comes to say that the death, the slaughtering of people does not startle him. He is trying to say that all the killing, his whole trek of ambition; it has changed his heart, his view of life. The truth as he sees it is that the fear is no more, yet he shows that he is anxious of the fear by his words.

In contrast, though, this does not seem to be the view of Shakespeare. For this whole play, “Macbeth,” is based on the theme things are not as they seem. This whole thing presents that what Macbeth feels might not necessarily be true. His feelings might be from the anxiety he is feeling. When both Banquo and Duncan were killed, he expressed remorse for their murders. Thus, this proves that Shakespeare in essence, is not trying to bring these feelings across as what he believes, rather it is used to illustrate Macbeth’s beliefs as what is life and what has taken place. In truth the feelings are not all true of which he says, for he did at one point have thoughts about the murders of the people that had taken place.

In conclusion, it s true that “Macbeth’s” soliloquy shared much to the people about how he felt and his innate view of life due to his murdering. From all this though, it can be said Shakespeare’s views differed for Macbeth acted different at certain times. This whole issue leads back to the idea in life, which is that we are not the same always so we should think before we act and do, for we act with haziness in our minds.


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