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Macbeth – Tragic Villain or Victim Of Fate

The story of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, is one of many tragic plays he composed. Macbeth is about a sadistic general that takes a prediction to the limits. In most stories, we root for the good guys…but in this story, get ready to root for the dark side.

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In my opinion, I think that Macbeth is a tragic villain, in full control of his life and fully deserving of his fate. From the beginning of the story, Macbeth was always a shady character, hiding things from everyone, including his most trusted partner, Banquo. If Macbeth relied more on his loved ones and friends, he would get through all his problems. When he got told his future by the three witches, his supposed outlooks went straight to his head. From then on, he went through all he could to make his future accelerate instead of letting things play out their own course.

Why do you seem to fear things that sound so great? is a quote that Banquo says in Act I, Scene III. This quote first illustrates Macbeth s fear for the future. Even though the witched predicted great things for him, he still fears the future. This shows that either he is controlled by his future, or his doesn t think he can handle being king. The reason Macbeth killed King Duncan, was to show his wife he was man enough to do it. Even though this sped up him becoming king, he could as easily waited and got his kingship by natural causes.


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