Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay Research Paper

From Honor To Dishonor

In the story of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is one of the main characters. At the beginning of the play Macbeth is very loyal and honorable. By the end of the play Macbeth is insane and has no remorse for the sin he commits against the king.

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Through the course of the book Macbeth transforms from an honorable and noble man to a selfish and hateful person. His bravery is apparent to all and a captain reporting to the king put it best when he said, I must report he was a cannon overcharged with double cracks (Act I, scene II). Macbeth also shows a great deal of loyalty when he is greeted by the king, as thane of Cawdor (Act I, scene IV) . The Captain boldly explains to the king how Macbeth fought with such valor and loyalty for the King. The King is excited with joy and happiness for Macbeth and sends two knights to inform Macbeth of his new title thane of Cawdor. Macbeth receives the news with a shock saying that the thane of Cawdor is still alive and well, the knight responds telling Macbeth that the thane of Cawdor has betrayed the king.

When the play started Macbeth was a very loyal person towards the King, therefore the King treated Macbeth like a son. The king tells Macbeth that he is in great debt to Macbeth and there is no amount of money or land to repay Macbeth for his services. Macbeth responds to the King telling him that all he wants is for the King to accept his services and duties to his throne and kingdom (Act I, scene IV). Macbeth shows a great deal of friendliness when he invites King Duncan to his house (Act I, scene VI ). Macbeth is thoughtful and very compassionate in the way of the king but without the King’s knowledge he has a plan to kill the King while the King is sleeping.

Macbeth turns on the King and becomes a very insane and disloyal man as the witches prophecies began to come true. Macbeth and his wife have a plan to kill the King (Act I, scene V). Macbeth shows no remorse when he cold bloodily kills the King in the middle of the night (Act II, scene II). Macbeth becomes filled with the thought of being the king of England and in his mind he can see no other opportunity, he must kill the King. Macbeth and his wife planned to get the King’s guards drunk and enter the King’s bedroom in the middle of the night and kill the King with his own guards’ daggers. This shows how Macbeth began to let greed over take him. The King showed loyalty to Macbeth in treating him like a son, and Macbeth repaid him with greed, selfishness, and disloyalty.

By the end of the story Macbeth shows no remorse for any of his actions. Macbeth orders his friend Banquo and his son to be murdered (Act III, scene I). Macbeth then orders everyone in Macduff’s household to be killed, including all women and children (Act IV, scene II). This shows how far Macbeth has sunk into his insanity. Macbeth kills without feeling. Macbeth was once a friend to these people, now to protect himself and further his greed he kills friends, showing no remorse in his actions.

Macbeth was once a man of esteemed character, he was a man of great loyalty; a man of great bravery. Macbeth was treated as an equal in the King’s home, treated like a son. But soon the spark of greed would be ignited with the prophecies of the witches. Macbeth’s greed grew and consumed his thoughts. Macbeth even drew his wife into his greed. Together they fanned the flames that would began to spread into insanity, where nothing could stop Macbeth from his destiny.


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