Love In Hamlet Essay Research Paper Hamlet (2)

Love In Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

Hamlet is, without any doubt, one of William Shakespeare’s most puzzling plays. Often times, the reader becomes engulfed in the mystery, trickery and deceit in this tragedy. People become perplexed while reading Hamlet when they ask themselves the question, “Does Hamlet truly love Ophelia?”. The love relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia is, however just a small piece to the entire puzzle.

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William Shakespeare wrote this play during the Renaissance, somewhere between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries ( ). The story is set mainly in Elsinor, a castle in Denmark. During the play, Denmark seems to be in shambles; many things are wrong. His brother, for example, had just murdered King Hamlet. Whenever a King is replaced, whether it is by death, or overthrowing, the country suffers a brief period, where they are weak, and they are most vulnerable. Soon after the death of King Hamlet, his widowed wife, Queen Gertrude, remarries to his brother, Claudius. Prince Hamlet, Gertrude and Hamlet’s son, is disturbed by this. He feels as though his mother didn’t grieve for a considerable amount of time for her husband.


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