John Proctor’s Death

Abigail used to work at his house as a servant for him and his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail is a two-faced 18 year old who causes a lot of mischief and she is in love with John and will do anything to separate him and his wife, just to take her place. John clearly regrets the mistake he had made in his life, and does his best to pick himself up and attempts to change things in his life. He is a smart man who is somewhat foolish, because from what I have observed, John puts more importance on the present than he does on the future.

He is a kind man who is loyal to his wife and friends; he even blackens his own name for the sake of their lives. He is devoted to stop the hangings, and save the people who are accused. I do not believe that John Proctors death is a fair result for his actions before and throughout t the play. Overall he is a good man, with good intentions and has no interest in hurting anyone or anything he is well respected and even feared in Salem. He is also a hard working man, he works day until night on his farm because he cares for his family, and he also works hard to prove his wife and his friends innocent of witchcraft.

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John is also a devoted person; he sticks to hat he does and devotes himself to stop the hangings of his wife and all the innocent people that are accused. Overall John is a good man with a good name in the village, and everyone knows IL This proves that he is innocent and his execution was unfair because he never in his life harmed anyone in anyway nor does he have of doing in the future. “Because it is my name! Because cannot have another in my life! Because sign myself to lies! Because am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may live without my name? I have given you my soul, leave me my name! ” (John] Miller, Act 4, pig. 3) This quote in the play shows that John has a very good reputation, and having a good reputation means that you are well respected and are a good person; otherwise you would not have a good name. It is even said at the beginning of the book that “Proctor, well respected and even feared in Act 1, pig. 20) The whole point in saying that John is a respected man means he is a good person to have earned that respect, not everyone is respected and you have to be a good person to earn it and deserve it, proving that John was a good man and his killing was unfair. John is a caring person who works really hard for his family and himself.

John works all day on his farm plowing, watering and taking care of the crops from day until dark and probably does a very good job of it due to the amount of time he takes to work on it. M,’hat keeps you so late? Its almost Miller, Act 2, 14) “I were planting far out to the forest edge. ” (Loon] Miller, Act 2, pig. 14) Working day until night shows us that John is a cares for his family, he works hard on his farm so he can earn money to provide them What they need. Therefore his death was an unfair result for his action, because he is a caring father and a supportive husband.

He even skips church to work on his arm, other than not going because he doesn’t like Paris. He is a very supportive person who works hard so he can work on his farm for his family. ” 1-1 have once of twice plowed on Sunday. I have three children sir, and until last year my land give very little. ” ([Proctor] Miller, Act 3, pig. 90-91) In many ways John is a hardworking person in a lot of ways, not just on his farm, For example he worked really hard to convince Mary Warren to go to court and testify against the girls. ‘You’re coming to court with me Mary. You will tell it in the court. ” (John] Miller, Act 2, pig.

C) To convince Mary to turn against Abigail and the other girls probably took a lot of effort. So his death was an unfair result because he was a hardworking and caring man. John Proctor is also a devoted man; he sticks to what he does and says. In the play John devotes himself to try to stop the hangings of his wife and all the other innocent people who are accused. At first he convinces Mary Warren to go to court to confess and testify against the girls. Then he begins to argue with the officials of the court, and later he confesses committing adultery with Abigail just in attempt vitrifying to save innocent lives.

This shows that John is a caring person. ‘We hue thought it too convenient to be credited. However, if I should tell you now that I will let her be kept another month; and if she begins to show her natural signs, you shall hue her living until she has delivered-What you say to that? Come now. You say your only purpose is to save your wife. Good, then she saved at least this year, and a year is long. What say you sir? It is done now. Will you drop this charge? ” ([Detonator Miller, Act 3. pig. 2) Even though Detonator has said that John still refuses to leave because he is not a selfish person who just came to save his wife, so he replies, “These are my friends. Their wives are also accused” (Noon] Miller, Act 3,pig. 92) Saying this line just shows us that John is the type of person who doesn’t only care about himself, but he cares about others too. When arguing with the courts officials doesn’t work he confesses that he committed the crime of lechery with Abigail, but the court still doesn’t take his word because no man casts away his good name for no reason. That shows us how willing and desperate he is to save his wife and friends. L have known her sir, have known her. ([Proctor] Miller, Act 3, pig. 1 10) layoff tries to save others, instead of only saving his wife that Shows us he is a caring person and his death was a very unfair result for his actions! Therefore do not believe that John’s death is a fair result for his acting before and throughout the play. Now we know that John is the type of person who puts other people first before he thinks of himself. He doesn’t have any bad intentions of causing harm to anyone or anything. We also know that John is a caring and devoted man who is well respected and has a good name in the village of Salem.


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