John Proctor

The Crucible one character whose feelings drastically change is John Proctors. John avgas accused of witchcraft and of having an affair with Abigail. When the accusations first started arising he believed none of it and was denying everything. His wife, Goody Proctor was also accused of witchcraft and he denied that as well. He really committed no witchcraft at all and neither did his Wife. He however did have an affair with Abigail. John saw right through all the drama and acting and was going to stand by his Wife, the truth, and What was right.

Also, at the beginning of the play John would always snap at his wife and would blame her for the problems that were arising in their marriage. John’s feelings changed at the end of the play during the trial. John was being tried for witchcraft and was going to be set free if he signed a paper saying he did do witchcraft. He, however, could not do so for the reason that he could not teach his sons to be men fee does not stand up for his beliefs. He was going to lie and say he did do witchcraft so he could be set free.

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His wife Abigail was even going to lie for him. He couldn’t do it though because he was not going to lie, even it it meant he was going to be hung. His feelings changed because he accepted responsibility for having an affair with Abigail. John also came to the realization that his marital problems were not all Elizabethan fault. He agreed that it was both of their faults. He was also not to stray away from the truth to stay alive like he wanted to, He stood by what he knew was right and the truth.


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