Jay Gatsby v. Tom Buchanan

Both Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are extraordinarily wealthy and have no problem showing it off to others. Gatsby throws lavish parties every weekend in hopes of winning back his true love, Daisy Buchanan, while Tom lives in an extravagant house and makes sure that everyone knows he is above them, Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are both in love with Tom’s wife, Daisy. Although it may take a while for Tom, while Gatsby knew from the moment he met Daisy, by the end of the novel both men realize Daisy is the most important person in his life. Gatsby and Tom both have major secrets in their life.

Tom is cheating on Daisy with Myrtle Wilson, his friend’s wife. While Tom is having an affair and lying to Daisy, Gatsby lies as well. Gatsby lies about his life and how he came into money and doesn’t tell anyone besides his friend and neighbor Nick Caraway. Although both men are similar, they differ even more. While both the men are exceptionally wealthy they came into money very differently. Gatsby had to lie and cheat for his money in his later years of his life and Tom was born into prosperity. Tom makes it very clear to Gatsby in the novel that wealth is ‘in his loot,” causing Gatsby to work even harder to Win back Daisy.

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Gatsby is a very friendly and good-hearted person. He treats others with respect and truly only wants his love for Daisy to be requited. Tom, on the Other hand, is a mean, almost heartless bully who hurts others to get ahead in life. Lastly, Jay Gatsby is stuck in his American dream of having Daisy like he had in the past. Gatsby seems to believe that he can repeat the past and nothing has changed since we was last with Daisy but Daisy is married to Tom and Gatsby cannot comprehend hat, Tom is much more realistic and is completely aware of the fact that Daisy is his and that will not change.

Although Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are contrasted, they are similar in the fact they have major flaws that seriously affect the relationships they have with their loved ones. Both men flaunt their wealth even though they came into it differently. Gatsby and Tom.


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