Is Achilles Justified in Killing Hector and is Odysseus

However, Achilles actions are not completely just because Hector deserved to die, but he deserved to die an honorable death. Achilles feels that Hector should die because Of the mass destruction and casualties Of war, including Patrols, which he caused. Athena further provokes Achilles actions by helping him trick Hector. This not only deceived hector but encouraged Achilles actions. Therefore Achilles was also deceived. He thought that what he was doing was moral and right because the God’s were encouraging him: as a exult, I believe that Athena is to blame for the death of Hector.

After Hectors very last plea was to not have his life spared, but to have a proper burial, Achilles dragged his body around Troy and encouraged the Achaean men to destroy and stab Hectors corpse. Achilles had a reason to kill Hector, but he had absolutely no reason to destroy his body. Although vengeance may have been practical, Achilles actions were not. As a result of his blinding wrath, as mentioned in the first two lines of the Iliad, Achilles should not be recognized as a Greek Hero,

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Many times in Homer’s writings, Achilles is considered “God-like”, when in reality he is merely a pawn just like any human in the games that the Gods play. He may have the strength and skill of a hero, but not the character. Achilles is quick to anger and just as human as any of us. (James 1:13-20) 19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; 20 for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. However, Odysseus is completely justified in killing the Suitors. But

Odysseus just got back home from a war, is it really necessary for him to bring it up again in his home? Boor him to not exact revenge upon the Suitors would have been seen by others as weakness and would have invited further attacks. Odysseus went through many hard trials in order to get home and When he returns, the people who claimed to “serve him were trying to takeover his household, harassing his Wife, and plotting to kill his son Telepathic. Believe that it was just for Odysseus to kill the suitors because if he would have let them go then they would have only created more trouble and possibly turned to attack and take over. Not think that it was a very hard choice for Odysseus. Penelope made it clear that she did not want to remarry yet, the suitors disrespected her and pushed her to make a decision that she did not want to make. As a result, Odysseus did what needed to be done. It was also fair for Odysseus to kill every single suitor because they deserved to be punished as a group. Despite their actions being wrong, every single one of the suitors went along With it. If they were really so passionate about doing the right thing they loud have stuck up for what they believed in.

They did wrong as a group and deserved to be punished as a group. (Leviticus 19:15) 15 “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor,” Achilles actions are seen as selfish and childish. Whereas Odysseus’ actions are interpreted to be heroic when in reality they are really tragic. Most people would argue that the suitors could have learned trot their mistakes and wrong-doings, but that was too risky of a move for Odysseus to sake concerning what had happened to Agamemnon when he returned home.

If Achilles would have done as Hector wished and returned his body to have a proper burial, then he would have gained more respect as a leader. On the other hand, If Odysseus would have done as the Suitors wished and let them leave, more problems would have been created. Both Achilles and Odysseus were encouraged by Athena& They both had the Gods on their side which in their minds made everything they did acceptable. Therefore both Achilles and Odysseus are justified in killing Hector and the suitors.


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