Human vs Nature- The Storm

As this storm approaches so does Alice, riding in on his horse as if he was about rescue her. He was depicted by Chopin as the “somber clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west”. Alice claimed he was seeking shelter from the storm, but I feel he had ulterior motives. He may not have known what to expect but he definitely was about to give it a try. Chopin likened the thunder during to a “… Threatening roar”. This thunder was unquestionably a symbolic threat to the marriages of Bonito and Calcite as well s to Alice and his wife.

Threats from humans are usually used to create fear but Calcite and Alice did not seem afraid to me. In this particular story, Kate Chopin uses these relatable human features to show the dynamism of the thunder and also the steamy passion of the affair that was about to occur. “The rain beating upon the low, shingled roof with a force… ” Seemed to have calmed the pair, yet aroused them altogether. We know in “The Storm” Chopin wasn’t particularly meaning the rain is violently beating the roof to inflict pain but he figurative use of the word helps us to understand the setting of the couple.

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Ultimately, they ended up in the bedroom which looked “… Mysterious” and had a”… Monumental bed”. Calcite allowing Allele’s entry into here shows a lack of respect for her husband and ultimately their marriage. The room is described as being “white” which can lead us to believe that the author regarded it as a sacred place, but apparently, not to Calcite. The question “Do you remember in Assumption, Calcite? ‘ asked by Alice was to remind her of the time they once was together. He wanted Calcite to reminisce on the kiss they had already shared.

He wanted her to recall the way he had made her feel once already. Alice wanted her to let her guards down toward him, which is exactly what happened. In reading further, we see that where did not heed the crashing torrents” which led them to a passionate affair. “The rain was over; and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems” signifies the end of their steamy sexual encounter. “Calcite, on the gallery, watched Lace ride away’ as if he was her prince charming.


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