How Is Atticus Finch Portrayed

Most of the main homes in the novel are shown in one way or another through this character. One of the main themes in the book is Intolerance . Tactics is adamant about his children not developing the same intolerant views that the other inhabitants of the town have towards people who are different to themselves. This is shown during a conversation held between Tactics and his daughter, Scout ,after she judges her new teacher . He says to her, ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. ‘

This shows Tactics as a very empathetic man . He could easily follow the other people of Macomb in turning against anyone who is different but instead decides to look at things from their side of the situation, a skill needed in his line of work as lawyer At also shows that he wants his children to have these traits as he is willing to teach Scout about empathy. He wants to change Macomb’s ways and is starting this by sending his children into the world with a better understanding of the people in it in the hopes of sculpting a generation of more tolerant people. However, Scout struggles With this concept.

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This is shown when a poor boy named Walter Cunningham visits the finch residence for a meal and Scout acts very judgmental , criticizing him for the way he acts at the dinner table . Not only does this part of the book show a lot about Scout , it shows a lot about Tactics as well. The book says ‘Tactics shook his head at me again. ‘ Tactics doesn’t vocalism his protest to Scouts verbal assault on Walter. This may have been to spare Walter any further embarrassment which strengthens the idea that Tactics is very empathetic . Let may have also been a way to showing how n control of his children Tactics truly is.

He doesn’t need words to convey to his children his how he is feeling or what he wants them to do, a simple shake to his head is enough. This paints Tactics as a natural leader which would help him a lot in the courtroom. Though Scout treats Walter badly, the interactions between Walter and Tactics go very differently. Tactics treats Walter like an equal. This is shown in the book when Lee writes ‘While Walter piled food on his plate, he and Tactics talked like two men-‘. This shows that Tactics does not discriminate by age , but treats those tauter enough , despite hoop young they are, like equals . N fact , the book shows Tactics as undiscriminating, be it against gender, age or race. In a town where the vast majority of residents look at black people as lesser than themselves, Tactics stands out in the book as one Of the few people Who are pro-equality. While other white families treat the black people who work at their homes as slaves, Tactics treats California, the finch’s cook, as part of the family. When Scout speaks badly of California, Tactics says to her ‘I’ve no intention of getting rid of her, now or ever. We couldn’t operate a single day without Cal. The quote shows Tactics respects California despite the color of her skin. He is not afraid to admit that California is the only thing keeping the family working , which shows he is honest , even in the face to judgment . When he says ‘I’ve no intention Of getting rid Of her, now or ever. ‘ It shows he is loyal, California is not just an employee to him , she is also a valued member of the household who he finds irreplaceable , a view point not shared by many in the town. More proof that Tactics is not racist is in the fact that he took Tom Robinsons case.

Tom Robinson is a 25 year old black man who is wrongly accused of the rape of a white bowman_ Since Tactics would be defending Tom against a petite person, many of the townsfolk disapprove of it, seeing it as a betrayal. This means almost the Whole town turns against the Pinch family. In the book, Tactics says ‘every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. ‘ This shows that Tactics understands that he and his family going to face a lot of backlash for taking the case. He takes it any way, as it is a matter of honor to him.

Tactics knows exactly where a Negro stands in the south. Despite the abolition of slavery at the end of the civil war, in the eyes of the people of Macomb, black people were still viewed as second class citizen’s . Though he knows he cannot win, he has to take the case in order to not lose his self respect or the respect of the people whose opinion he cares about. This point is supported when Tactics says to uncle Jack when asked to pass the case on to someone else, ‘Do you think i could face my children otherwise It took Tactics a lot of moral courage to see the case through.

Though Tactics is prepared to face the judgment of the townsfolk, he wishes e could protect his children from it all. This is shown in a conversation held between Tactics and his brother, Jack regarding the Tom Robinson case, Tactics says ‘what worries me is that she and Gem will have to absorb some ugly things pretty soon. ‘ By ‘ugly things’ Tactics is referring to the slander that Scout and Gem are subjected to prior and during the trial, The use of the word ugly really emphasizes Tactics’ view point on the verbal abuse.

Tactics is a gentleman and usually respects other people’s opinions and what they have to say even if they go against his own opinion or insults him personally. Describing it in such a viva infers that Tactics finds the behavior distasteful. If the townsfolk had insulted Tactics directly, he would respect their opinions, though he may like them. What angered him is that they not only say it behind his back but to his children, the very people he is trying to shield from such view points.

Tactics not only tries to protect his children on a mental level, but when they are physically threatened by a rabid dog by the name of Tim Johnson , he plays the role of protective father and breaks one of his own moral codes to save his children and the other inhabitants of the town . Similarities can be found between Tactics and Tim Johnson. ‘What remained of his poor mind made him pause and seem to consider which road he would take. He made a few hesitant steps and stopped in front of the Raddled gate; then he tried to turn around, but was having difficulty. These are the words Lee used when describing Tim Johnson struggle. These could easily be applied to Attic’s moral struggle as he is torn between the right choices and the easy choices. Attic’s struggle begins when he takes the case. He starts off on a straight course, making noble and honorable choices in the name of justice. Then circumstances change and he is given a choice. He can continue on the course he’s on. If Tim Johnson had taken this path it would have led him straight to the Raddled place, potentially putting the Raddled in danger.

In the novel, Lee uses the Raddled family as a symbol for intolerance. In the same way that Tim Johnson could kill the Raddled family, Tactics has the chance to put an end to intolerance in Macomb if he were to see the case through to the end. Both Tim and Tactics meet obstacles on this course. While Time’s is a physical thing (namely the gate to he Raddled yard) Attic’s Obstacles manifest themselves in the form Of traditions that have been present in Macomb for generations. Then there is the easy way. For Tim Johnson this is to follow the curve of the road where there is nothing but open space.

For Tactics, it is to forget about the case, to pass it on to another lawyer and avoid the slander and judgment from the other residents. Taut in the same way that Tim Johnson struggles to turn around, Tactics cannot walk away from the case without jeopardizing his personal beliefs and morals, or risking the respect of his children. The tact that Tactics saw the ease through, even with all the obstacles , shows he is very passionate about staying true to his beliefs. The moral code referred to is Attic’s choice to not take a life.

Known by the older generation of Macomb as ‘one-shot finch’, Tactics is the best shot in the county but chooses not to use his talent as he thinks, as Miss Maude put it, ‘God had given him an unfair advantage over most living things’ (Miss Maude is used by Lee as a narrative device as the narrator of the story, Scout, is too young to know about Attic’s shooting history). Tactics has a deep belief in equality and ill do what he can to balance the scales. Like his marksmanship skills, Tactics may also view being white as an unfair advantage given by God over black people, Who are viewed as lesser than himself.

Since this is not something Tactics can fix by doing something as simple as putting down his gun, he uses his position Of power, both as a White man and a lawyer , to sway the people’s opinions and stop the injustice that black people endure . Tactics shows physical courage when he picks up the gun and shoots the dog. He views courage as an important trait to have and therefore respects people who do. Among these people is Mrs. Dubos. Though arguable the character that contrasts most with Tactics, in some ways, they are surprisingly alike.

Mrs. Double’s personality is much like the camellias found in her garden. Camellias are very large and very bright flowers and, as result, can be seen as quite garish and distasteful, Those words may also be used by Gem and Scout to describe how they see Mrs. Dubos. She is very vocal about her opinions, despite the negative affects they might have on other people. She always speaks her mind and is truthful to the extent of seeming insulting since she doesn’t filter wrought her thoughts to find what is appropriate and not appropriate to say to who she’s addressing.

An example of this is when she says to Gem and Scout ‘Your father is no better than the naggers and trash he forks for I’. This quote shows an obvious disregard for the children’s feelings. Hidden behind the bright colors of the elaborate flower is dried fruit It is not nice to kick at and is Often hidden away as to not spoil the aesthetics Of the camellia . This is another trait that Mrs. Dubos shares with her beloved flowers. Behind her rough exterior, Mrs. Dubos is going through a terrible struggle that mom could say even surpasses Attic’s. The fruit could be a metaphor for this.

Her struggle is attempting to quit her addiction to morphine in order to leave the world beholden to nothing and nobody ‘ Tactics had great respect for her says ‘she was the bravest person I ever knew. ‘ He even holds her above himself in terms of role models for his children, saying, ‘l wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage sis man with a gun in his hand. ‘ Tactics may be referring to young boys at that time dolling soldiers like those that fought in the civil war but he may eave been referring to himself and the way Gem views him as brave tater he shot Tim Johnson.

If it is the latter, it shows Tactics is self-deprecating and that he believes it is easy to pull a trigger when means no consequence to yourself but seeing how bad it is going to turn out for you and yet still going through with it nap. ‘ay ,like Mrs. Dubos and Tactics with the case , is what takes real courage. This point is supported when Tactics goes on to say ‘It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. ‘, In conclusion, Tactics is presented in the book as the voice of justice in Macomb.


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