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Hamlet is a tragic hero because he is a noble and heroic protagonist whose destruction is the caused by the flaw in his character.

First, In the begining Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, died form a snake bite in their orchard. Hamlet is deeply effect metally over the matter, becuase he was extremely close with his father. The fast marrage for his widowed mother to his Uncle Claudius.

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One night Marcellus and Barnard were doing gaurd duty and Horatio join them this night. That night they saw the ghost of the once king, King Hamlet, but it wasn’t because he was deid it was his sprit. The sprit did’t say any thing but yet I just kept on appearing every night. So, Horatio, Marcellus, and Barnard thought it was there repsonabilty to tell the prince, which is Hamlet. When Hamlet finally met with his fathers ghost the ghost finally spoke to some one, Hamlet, the ghost said that in wasn’t a snake that kill King Hamlet but, instead someone poured posion in his ear and that some one was Claudius. Hamlet think that he did it just to get Hamlet’s Mother the Queen, Gertrude. Hamlet swears that he will get revenge on King Claudius. Hamlet also makes eveyone there that saw the ghost or knows about it swear apond his sword not to tell.

After, all the ghost stuff happened hamlet begain to act strangely to eveyone mainly his soon to be wife Ophelia whose brother is Laertes and father who is Polonius. Hamlet said mad and weird things too Ophelia like telling her to omit to a nunery. Before his father died Hamlet and Ophelia walked in lobby for about four hours and Hamlet used to wright love letters to Ophelia letting her and everyone who read the letters know how much Hamlet loved her. another time Hamlet showed how mad he was, was when he was reading a book and Polonius asked Hamlet if he know who Polonius was to see how mad Hamlet really was. Hamlet replyed by calling Polonius a “fish-mogger”. Next, Polonius ask Hamlet what he was reading and hamlet said he was reading “words, words, words”. Polonius confused said baslly “What’s a matter with you, why are you mad?” than Hamlet replay with a bunch of jibberish

Next, Hamlet had to think of idea to make sure that Claudius really killed his father. The plan Hamlet came up with was to have a play where actors would re-inact what happed to King Hamlet, the cover up, and the murder marring the queen to see Claudis reaction. Hamlet also got Horatio, which is Hamlet’s best friend, to watch the new king, Claudius, and tell hamlet of his reaction form his point of view. When Claudius saw the play he was surprised that Hamlet found out about the murder. Claudius was so discusted with his self that he went to pray. Hamlet saw a the perfect time to kill Claudius because he was on his kness and had his eyes closed. Then, Hamlet had a thought, If he killed King Claudius when he is praying then King Claudius will easly go to heaven and won’t be damned forever like he wanted him to be. Hamlet let him off that time which in my opinion was the biggest missake in the whole book because he will have to find anther time to do it which will lead to bigger problems.

When Claudius found out that Hamlet know about the murder. Claudius got Polonius to spy on Hamlet when he was talking to Ophelia. Hamlet figured out that someone was spying on him, but he thought it was King Claudius and stabbed his sword thourgh the arres killing Polonius. Hamlet then hidded the body. then later told everyoe where it was. every one had to bury the body quick so it could go to heaven. Now knowning how truely crazy Hamlet is King Claudius sent Hamlet to England telling everyone that it is to stop the maddness. He sent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are courtiers at the Danish court, to guard Hamlet so he don’t get away. When Hamlet was on the ship he found a letter to England that told England to kill Hamlet when he gets off the boat so when he found this letter Hamlet wrought a new one to say kill Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. Hamlet still had his family seal on this finger so he could still resealed the new letter. Soon after, Hamlet and the crew where attacked by a pirate ship and during the fight Hamlet was fighting on the other ship and when the ship broke apart Hamlet was stuck on the pirate ship. Polonius’s son Laertes found out that his father died so he returned

When Hamlet returned from the ship he sees two gavediggers making a new grave for some unlucky person. Hamlet talked with the men for a little while and joked around. When Hamlet sees King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, and Laertes all around the same body Hamlet finds out that it is Ophelia and that she drown or so he was told. Even though evey one knows that she killed her. People aren’t allowed to be bured in holy ground if they kill there selfs. So, Ophelia mother, Queen Gertrude, lied for Ophelia.

Laertes mad at Hemlet for killing his father and sister he wants to have a dual with real swords. King Claudius and Laertes came up with a plan to kill Hamlet they would put poison on Laertes sword and in Hamlets water. So, if Hamlet got a drink or got stabbed by Laertes, Hamlet would die. During the first part of the fight Hamlet and Laertes didn’t get hurt. Queen Gertrude know what is going on drank Hamlets water and kill her self. Soon After that both Hamlet and Laertes got stabbed and bother where dieing slowly. Laertes told Hamlet that he forgives him about killing his father. Hamlet with what little strongth he has got up stabbed King Claudius and then made him drink the poison water. Horatio, Hamlets best and closest friend tries too drink what is left of the poison and fails because there wasn’t any left. The Ambassador form England comes in to tell the kill that Guildenstern and Rosencrantz have been killed as the king ordered. Fortinbras, who is the Prince of Norway, came to invaid Denmark didn’t waht was going on. Hamlet dieing, the last of his family, left all of Demark to Fortinbras. Horatio had to explain every thing to Fortinbras.

In concultion, I think that hamlet would not have died if he kill Claudius when he had the chance and I think that flaw in his character lead to his destruction.



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