Greek Mythology and Athena

Her mother was Meets and her father Zeus, Zeus reigned over all the gods and goddesses of Mat, Olympus, It is no wonder that a god this powerful and dominant would need no woman to bear his offspring Zeus Vass told by his mother and gather that Meets would bare children. Zeus avgas not happy about this; he felt it would jeopardize his position as ruler. When Meets was about to give birth, Zeus swallowed her and in the process gained her intelligence and wisdom. At the time Zeus thought it was a good idea but it was now causing him pain. His headache became so severe that he would do anything to relieve it.

He gave permission for another god to hit him in the head With an axe. When he did this, out popped Athena full grown and wearing a suit of armor. Athena became her fathers favorite. She remained his ally but also his protector. She promoted his interests and served as his advisor. Athena also inherited some important traits from her mother as well; wisdom and justice were two of the big ones. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war. She was normally depicted holding a spear, but she was known more for her role as mediator and diplomat Han for actually fighting in battle.

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Her decisions were highly ethical and seldom motivated by her self-interest or beliefs. Many of the Greek myths tell tales of her giving help to various gods, goddesses and hero’s as they went into battle. Athena had given Peruses his most helpful tool to slay Medusa, his shield. Anyone who looked the monster directly in the eyes would be turned to stone. After he beheaded Medusa he gave it to Athena to decorate her armor _ Also on the voyage back from troy she protected Ulysses. The most help she gave though was to Hercules. She stood by his side and was a great comfort to him.

After his passing she welcomed him into the gates of Mat. Olympus. Athena came down from Mat. Impious and walked between the two armies and made both sides swear to keep peace, she did this to prevent the Trojan War. Unfortunately one of the soldiers went against his oath and let loose his arrow; this was the beginning of the Trojan War. Athena expressed her anger toward the soldier by helping the Other side to victory. In one Of her most well known adventures Athena took shape of men, women and children to lead wandering Odysseus. This allowed him to return home safely to his family and children.

Athena is one of the three virgin goddesses, referred to as a virgin because she was able to remain unsealed by Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, marriage and motherhood. Motherless herself, Athena usually placed Patriarchal principles above motherly bonds, Athena not only gave to the warriors but to all humans. Her responsibilities were giving wisdom, inventions, inspirations and protecting the Athens. One of her greatest gifts was her knowledge of taming horses, she taught the people of Serene and word soon spread. She also created the pottery wheel and made the first vase on it. She was also a great weaver and loved to decorate.

She was a goddess of many talents and an expert artisan. Nobody ever came close to surpassing her work although a young mortal woman named Earache’s put her to the test. The challenge avgas to see who was the better weaver. Earache’s tapestry had offended her greatly, it depicted Zeus as adulterous. Athena ripped the tapestry to shreds and Earache eventually hung herself. Once Athena had cooled off from what had happened, she transformed the woman into a spider out of pity. The woman was now able to weave beautiful spider webs for eternity. In the past Poseidon and Athena had a fight to take over a city in Greece.

TO settle the argument they each had to give a gift to the city. The one with the better gift would become leader of the city. Poseidon gave a spring of water to the city, because it was salt water it was of no use to the people. Athena gave the city an olive tree. From this tree they could eat, make oil and have wood for fire. By ruling of the city, Ethane’s gift was better than Poseidon. In her honor they named the city Athens. There is also a palace dedicated to her in Athens. Her symbols are the owl and the olive tree, The olives, taming of the horse and her reaction tooth pottery wheel were all contributions that were greatly admired.

Other women rarely took threat to Athena; the most notable exception though was her childhood tried Palls. In one to the stories Palls and Athena were both tomboys and inseparable, they practiced fighting skills and shared playful adventures. During target practice, Athena accidentally shot and killed Palls with a bow and arrow, So distraught over the loss of her friend, Athena took Palls’ name and added it to hers. Often times she was referred to as Palls Athena, this was to honor her friend. Not only did Ethane’s decisions monster wisdom but also compassion as well.

In another story a man named Terrifies accidentally walked in on Athena while she was bathing. This was an act that normally would have been punished by death. Athena took pity on him though; she covered his eyes with her hands making the man blind. She gave him the gift of inner sight. Athena normally put patriarchal principles above matriarchal bonds. She identified with the patriarchy and usually supported their side in a dispute. In the first trial of history, Athena cast the final vote on acquitting Rooster’s Of murdering his mother to avenge his father’s death.


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