Great Gatsby Essay Research Paper Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Essay Outline


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Money and power can motivate a person to do great things

Money cannot buy happiness

Development of Plot

Gatsby threw great parties at enormous cost to lure Daisy.

All the money he earned to throw those parties, still did not bring Gatsby and Daisy together (happiness).

Gatsby lives the American Dream fails to achieve the dream that untimely matters more, to have Daisy. Evenually all his dreams become empty and without purpose.


Conflict between the forbidden love of Gatsby and Daisy

Conflict between Daisy?s loyality to her husband or her first love

Conflict between Wilson and his need to find the murder/lover of his wife.(eventually leads to Gatsby?s death)

Internal Conflict between what nick knows to be right and the lifestyle lead by the people of New York.

Tom?s affair with Myrtle


Daisy stays married to Tom, because she realizes that


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