Gatsby Essay Research Paper Was Gatsby Stupid

Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Was Gatsby Stupid for Pursuing Daisy?

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Gatsby was stupid for pursuing Daisy for many reasons, first of all; in their

short history together Daisy had already turned him down, they had not seen each

other in five years, and Gatsby was only going on the assumption that Daisy

still loved him. Gatsby had held onto his dream of being with Daisy until the

end when his life was taken. He built everything he had on this one goal to be

re-united with her and it brought him to the high point in his life and then to

the end where he had no Daisy and showed how pathetic his life was when only

Nick and a few others showed up to his funeral. Gatsby got caught in his dream

and made his money in a shady way leaving him few friends and even more

associations who knew they could not get involved in his death.

When Gatsby first met Daisy he was poor and had just enlisted in the service.

He lied to her, saying that he had a lot of money when he obviously didn?t.

Then he went away to war and she waited. When he had his chance to come home he

decided to stay in England and go to college. From there Daisy sent him a letter

saying that it was over, that she had found someone else who had money and she

could fall back on. This crushed him, and made him come back to the U.S. even

though it was too late and Daisy married Tom. He spent the next few years

building his fortune and searching for Daisy, his whole life was based around

her and a small hope that he could win her back. His life was consumed by this

dream and only cut him off from everyone else in the world.

When Gatsby had found out Daisy found someone else in union with the fact

that they had not seen each other in five years and also had not made any

contact at all he should have realized it was over. Daisy had a husband and as

daughter and a new love in her life. He was stupid to think Daisy would leave

Tom after she had been married to him for a few years and still love him as

well. Daisy?s love for Gatsby may have been strong for a while but after

waiting for him for so long she broke away and turned to the next best thing

that she could find. Daisy also knew that Tom was well respected and had a lot

of money so he would be able to take care of her the way she was used to. Gatsby

had no guarantee of that and Daisy knew it.

Gatsby had no idea if Daisy loved him or not and was only hoping she still

had feelings for him. As soon he and Daisy did start up again and they started

taking more risks Gatsby probably got excited and lost site of reality. In the

hotel on that hot fateful day as soon as Daisy was in question of her love to

tom he should have backed out and left. But he didn?t he was still holding on

to that last hope she would fall for him and ended up in a hit and run. He made

the mistake of letting Daisy drive and then running. He felt he would take the

blame for a girl who did not love him and ended up paying with his life.

For these reasons Gatsby was stupid for pursuing Daisy when anyone else would

know that he had no chance at a renewed love with someone they had been away

from for so long. The love of being linked through marriage and the presence of

a daughter would be hard to break. Daisy didn?t know whom she wanted to be

with and could not say that she did not love Tom when confronted. Gatsby?s

downfall came after the moment in the hotel, and he was stupid to continue this

crush. If Gatsby had not been so blind he would have lived longer and maybe

lived longer.


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