Eye of The Storm

Anticipatory set: a. Review key vocabulary words and their definitions with students. Perceived Objective and Rationale: a. “As we are reading this book, I want you to pay special attention to vocabulary words that we have just talked about. I think that by seeing the words in context we will get an even better feel for their meanings. ” 3. Input: a. Read Eye of the Storm b. Periodically stop to ask students the corresponding comprehension questions in the basal textbook. Make sure that they are using examples from the informational text to support their answers. 4. Modeling: a. Model answering a sample question using details from the text. For example, f the question asks: based on the details in the section titled Storm Chasing, what do you think it WOUld be like to photograph a lightning storm up close? You should respond by saying something like: the sentence in the book, ‘suddenly, a jagged bolt of lightning shoots from the cloud’ makes me think that storm chasing is both scary and exciting.. ” 5. Checking for Understanding/Guided Practice: a. Answering comprehension questions using examples from the informational text to support their answers. 6. Independent Practice a. Students will complete a vocabulary and comprehension worksheet. Assessment: 1 .

Before: students attentiveness to the vocabulary review 2. During: students responses to comprehension questions 3. After: completion of the worksheet Closure: 1 . When they are finished, have student’s read their stories to one another. Differentiation: 1 . If students’ need help remembering the definitions of the vocabulary words, they can refer back to the text for context clues. 2. Encourage students who are done and need an extra challenge to answer the following question: On page 62 the author writes, “The air was sizzling” before Warren took his famous underpass photograph. What do you think he means? “

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