Daisy Buchanan’s Diary

Until to-day don’t think ever quite understood what they meant by that. But rearing Jars happiness dance on the Wind made me realize Why and my own laughter are so sought after. Not last week I had finished reading a new book Nick had given me, Age of Innocence by that Edith Wharton, and I found myself thinking about that story to-night. While do love my life now, and I’ll forever love my Gatsby, sometimes do wish to go back. Perhaps start over, and never have lost my Gatsby in the first place.

Back then life was 50 simple with him, and the only thing worried about was what dress I was going to wear on our date that night, and such a concern seems nominal at best now. If I could actually o back, know wouldn’t marry my current brute of a husband. I’d have found a way to stay with my jaybird, and be happy, My Jay talks about our future together sometimes, and still can’t get over his way with words. I’m not quite sure could ever leave Tom; the paparazzi would have a field day if they found out, and guess he is my husband after all.

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Still, part of me wants to go with my Jay and throw caution to the wind, and part of me wants to stay with Tom and keep caution by my side. Really do want to just take a break from this messy life sometimes, not die, just stop existing for a little bit. I don’t like thinking about all the chaos, I prefer to just think about good things. Like how I still can’t believe I’ve been reunited With my Gatsby. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to repay my darling Nick for all of his help. Well, maybe my Jay will be able to repay him!

I’m still amazed to be back With him.. To-day really was simply marvelous. Jay Gatsby Dear Old sport, used my time to-day with Daisy and I think Nick, can’t even remember if he was with us, honest. All remember is my Daisy, and the way her face would light up with glee every time had some new wonder to show her, Her eyes loud crinkle, and her eyebrows would rise ever so slightly, and she would look stunning. We didn’t really do much besides drive around, and ah! Now remember: Nick was with us. He kept patronizing my driving, the old sport.

He was grumbling about how “one of these days was going to kill someone,” while my flower Daisy giggled at his scowling face and poured herself another sparkling drink, Daisy, could devote an entire book to my thoughts about her. Daisy. The love of my life. Daisy. A married woman. Our love story seems a little too similar to Romeo and Gullet’s for my comfort While it was fun dashing around Nevus York owing nothing but drink with Daisy and Nick, eventually we had to return to East Egg to drop off Daisy.

It hurts me to know SSH?s still with Tom, and it hurts me to see her walk over to him, and not me. I truly have missed Daisy all these years, as SSH©s the most important thing in my life right now, and for forever. She’s the reason I fought so hard to become the wealthy man I am today, if only to help me Win her back. It was terrible fighting in the war, and worse so not knowing how my Daisy was. And then, to come home and find she been wed to the wealthiest bachelor there is! Even after my letter.

After that I knew if Tom Buchanan was the wealthiest man out there. I’d have to be even wealthier. And so ended up in West Egg, across the bay from the Buchanan, and throwing my legendary parties, always waited for Daisy to saunter in with her melodic voice and bright eyes, but to my agony she never did. Countless other people found themselves at my door knowing could never turn them away, but never the one I wanted most. But now that I have Daisy again know I’ll never let her go, and I’ll get her to fall completely head over heels in love with me all over again,


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