Connections between Dexter’s Dream “Winter Dreams”

The American Dream can be defined simply as the American ideal of living a happy and successful life. However each person has their own idealistic perception of this dream. In F. Scott Fitzgerald “Winter Dreams” obtaining Judy Jones allows for Dexter Green to achieve his dream. Fitzgerald portrays this situation so often because of not only the time period and setting of the story, but also that of the author’s own life and personal experiences. The Origin of Tester’s dream traces back as far as his childhood. It all started hen Dexter, age 14, who worked as a caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club met the object of his affection, young Miss.

Judy Jones. This dream began on the day that young Dexter quit his caddy job and “The little girl who had done this was eleven-beautifully ugly as little girl are apt to be who are destined after a few years to be inexpressibly lovely and bring no end of misery to a great number of men. ” (Fitzgerald 588) Judy Jones, a rich little girl who grew up around material things, will only live in this high class kind of lifestyle and Dexter knows that a or caddy cannot win her over. This situation presents itself in Fitzgerald own life.

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While stationed a army camp near Montgomery, Fitzgerald fell in love with “eighteen-year-old Zelda Assayer, the youngest daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court Judge” (A Brief Life of Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald soon asks for Azalea’s hand in marriage however ‘Unwilling to wait while Fitzgerald succeeded in the advertisement business and unwilling to live on this small salary, Zelda broke their engagement” (A Brief Life of Fitzgerald). This event causes Tester’s dream to egging its growth and although this dream began in his childhood it continues to grow throughout his life.

Throughout the middle of this short story, Tester’s dream grows substantially through several meetings with the much older and more mature Judy Jones, several years after his job as a caddy. Since that first job, he has done many wound made extra at the pres dream night second After t other at neatly re’s 2) denouement” (Fitzgerald 594) Again, this situation also parallels with the life of Fitzgerald. Like Dexter, Fitzgerald also finds himself as a wealthy man after publishing his book This Side of Paradise, causing Fitzgerald to become famous almost over night.


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